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10 Ideas for Exercising with Your Baby

10 Ideas for Exercising with Your Baby

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If you want to lose weight, you first need to consider the correct diet and quantities. If you still want to keep your body in shape, and in fact want to be even healthier than you are now, exercise on a daily basis!

How can you exercise next to your baby?

One of the main causes of obesity, a myriad of chronic illnesses, and daily mourning is that our way of life is very different from what we are prepared for in biological terms. We eat a lot, we eat healthy meals, we sit down, lie down, spend little time with active, strenuous muscles, we have barely any fresh air. It is true that we are on our feet all day long, the tasks are uninterrupted, the effect is often missed: cooking, cleaning, shaving and shoeing do not improve our versatility in the most versatile way. But it's not impossible to change, in fact! Let's start sports now. If you are breastfeeding, you can get started and you can read more about it here.
The most important statute is that start and gradually increase your load And time spent on sports. And sports, as you will see, can be very much!
1. Getting Started Best Solution a walking with the baby, a stroller or a handkerchief. Start at least twice daily with an eagle, first with a beige slow pace. Best afterwards. Then increase the pace, be it uphill, downhill. If you get inside, there can be up to two hours of walking. Wherever you are, not by car, but by bicycle.
2. Turn on your favorite music, wrap the baby in a carry-on bag (up to five months ahead or on the hip, then on your back) dance as you please! This is also appreciated by the nicest babies, and a great way to prepare for more serious movements.
3. Work out at home with the baby based on baby room movements! You can start with simple, cool exercises and then increase your repetition as you get involved! You can log in here!
4. Get great cools that you can turn on and do at any time at home. If you don't have an urn, do it in two! Your baby will find it fun!
5. Go to a fitness club gymnastics, the best of the Eve are when there are not many! Feel free to take the baby with you, which can be seen in childhood or on a folded blanket while you exercise. This can usually be done for up to six months (the smaller the simpler it is), it barely stays in one place. You choose an uber where the music is not loud, it can only disturb you. First of all, talk about only ten to fifteen minutes because you can gradually get used to yourself and your baby.
6. Highlight breastfeeding or feeding, which is usually a few times of rest. Then do it every day for 15 minutes abdominal exercises.

7. You can start small motor training from the age of one or two. You need a non-tumble, stable plastic small motor for the kid, a strong, thick strap that you can hook onto the motor, and a rarely used car, with a 50-100 meter section that is slightly uphill or downhill.
The essence of training is that you run at a fast pace with the down roller motor and then back up the slope as fast as you can and then repeat it at least ten times. You can do the same with your intention, assuming you get enough heat to get it. The kids love both of them, and you will be pleasantly tired, and you have well prepared the next opportunity, the run.
8. Run the stroller! Okay, if you have thought about this at the time of purchase, but if you are not too fat, you can get started with less professional coaches. Try what your baby is bringing to you! Most people enjoy going to bed, even sleeping in the middle. You can read more about it here!
9. Think until the end of the day when someone could watch an hour for the kids! Take advantage of that time for running. First, of course, start with a little distance, start with five or ten minutes, or walk and run, as you wish. The goal may be to run 8-10 kilometers in one hour and at least three times a week. Wonderful opportunities for futanet, BSI's website, keep an eye out! If you are still breastfeeding and have a lot of milk, be sure to breastfeed before running, and only take such long breaks if the smile does not cause any complaints.
10. If you are a little bigger, your child will be at least four, including two you can take it with you to exerciseor you can work out at home together based on pictures or pictures. Not only does the little one learn that movement is an important part of our lives, the way he or she moves is much improved, and the common ground connects.
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