Bansan after childbirth

Bansan after childbirth

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If you haven't done yoga yet, it's time. What are you doing? Pregnancy and childbirth have slightly changed your body-soul. The baby has made a big difference in your whole life. Find your balance again!

Look at yourself, learn how to relax and rise up in the insignificant annoyances. Individual postures, "babble", not only refresh the body, soothe the mind and clear your mind.

In every exercise…

- Breathe slowly, like on your nose,
- focus on your body,
- do not overload yourself,
- finally, keep the air a little longer and keep your posture,
- stand naked on the ground or on a polyfoam mattress.

With sunburn book

Starting position: Put the baby in front of you. Insert a book between your thighs and hold it, lock your toe. Push two palms together before your chest, keeping your forearms horizontal. Keep your head straight.
Here's how to do the exercise: When inhaling, squeeze your soles on the floor, extend your head over the ceiling. When you spit, bring your back on your spine, your eyelid, and your tail bone. Combod the book. Make a breathtaking breath.
Here's how: Strengthens pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, helps to develop proper posture, relieves back pain.

Kissing in the bush

Starting position: Grab the doll, put it in a tangy spit. Step down with one of your legs back, lift up your back heel, your toes ahead. When you sweat, bend your forelegs with your knees above the ankle. Keep your chest straight, with your shoulder blade on top of your spine, down your eyelid.
Here's how to do the exercise: Bend your toes slightly so that your sternum is offset, not tilting your tongue out of the straight. Raise the baby when he enters, lower him when he enters and give him a kiss. If you still do not hold the head, use your fingers to support the head. Perform lifting and lifting five times five times, and complete the exercise.
Here's how: It strengthens the muscles of the arm, foot and back, and improves balance.

Pool lacing and thigh tightening

Starting position: Roll a short, thick roller over a blanket, or look for a solid pad. Lie on your back, take the roller between your thighs. Lay your foot on the bottom half a meter from the butt, and lay the baby beside you.
Here's how to do the exercise:
When squeezing, squeeze your waist to the ground, bring your shoulder to your spine, tilt the eyelid to your shoulder. Your stomach is flat, hold the air a little, and squeeze the roller between your thighs firmly. Loosen your spine the next time you breathe, slightly loosen it. Repeat it ten times.
Slightly harder:
If this goes well, you can lift your chest when you exhale, lean on your thigh with your palms. The next time you enter, descend, hold the air, and tilt the pool.
Here's how:
Strengthens pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, promotes proper pelvic support.

Hnd with variable weight

Starting position: Lie on your back, lean your soles to the floor near the butt, your toes ahead. Grab the roller or the paddle between your thighs. Put the baby beside yourself.
Here's how to do the exercise: As you squeeze, squeeze your soles to the ground, slowly lift your pelvis, your stool now inclined. When sparkling, fondle your fingers under your butt, pulling your shoulders closer together. Breathe in the air to the clavicle, lift the pelvis even higher when exhaling, and your thighs will become thinner. Stay on fire for a short breath and breathe continuously. Finally, climb to the tip of your toes, release your fingers, and slowly release your spurs from vertebrae to vertebrae.
Here's how: It strengthens the pelvic floor, the feet, the back and relaxes the nape.

Sphinx on the ball

Starting position: Lie on your stomach on a rolled up blanket, this will protect your sensitive breast. Put the baby in front of you. Lean on your forearm, hold your hand forward, your shoulders just below your shoulder. Press your extended foot and eyelid to the ground. When lifting, raise your chest, keeping your head in a straight line with your spine. Don't put your eyes in between your shoulders.
Here's how to do the exercise: When you sweat, put your head over your spine, lift your back, lower your head, lift the pool off the floor - like a ball under you. Lower the pelvis and lift your chest when you start. Do it five times over.
Here's how: Strengthens abdominal muscles, relieves stiffness of the back, improves posture.


Starting position: Stand upright, put the headrest above the ceiling, put the baby in front of you. With your left hand, lean against your toe on the ground, lift your right hand high, stretch your fingers up. When exhaling, bend your arms over your head over your head, lean your head to your left, move your left ear over your left shoulder, but don't lift it. Enclose your message.
Here's how to do the exercise: Breathe in a few breaths, stay in that position. Now let your right arm to the side, extend your fingers outward to feel your neck open. Keep this situation for the last five or so breathless periods, and then straighten out and do the exercise on the other side. Also, for hiking, switch your feet to the ones on the top.
Here's how: Relieves neck and shoulder stiffness, moves the spine.

Relaxing with the baby

Starting position: Lie down on your back and cover it. Put the baby on your stomach, hold it with one arm. On the other arm, extend the side with your palms facing upwards.
Here's how to do the exercise: Close your eyes, relax your facial muscles and clasp. Breathe in and let your thoughts flow. Take enough time to feel your body sink into the ground, or just soak. Slowly back again: first move the tip of your fingers, then your ankle, wrist. Lean on your right, with your eyes closed, to rise to the turkey. Put the baby on the floor in front of you, place your palm on your stomach and your chest: listen to the inner voice.
Here's how: Refreshed, relaxed, and finally as if they had been replaced!
To make it easier for you to follow the exercises, we've created a nice A4 print on the article
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