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During a marathon, Mum was hugging herself

During a marathon, Mum was hugging herself

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If the mother breastfeeds the baby and does not stay between the walls during this period, it is likely that she will have to feed the baby in the most unexpected places.

Babies are generally overlooking the fact that right now, the moment is not right for breastfeeding: we could be in the cafeteria, in the restaurant, in the library, in the bus stop. If your little one is hungry, you should breastfeed. This is what most moms face. However, in the case of an American mother, Anna Young, there is a twist in the story. Because she chose to run a half-marathon - of course, before she knew she was a baby. But that couldn't stop her from aiming, her baby was already five days old when it came to the half marathon. Here, the woman encountered the problem of how, if she was just running, how would she be able to breastfeed her baby, and then she remembered that she would milk herself while running. And no matter how fascinating it sounds, it happened anyway. She also shared a picture of this on Facebook, to which thousands responded.
There were some who thought it was terrible to breastfeed a baby after running, and it would have been foolish for them to even milk themselves. More and more people agreed with the method, since I've found it a real pleasure to run around being full of breast milk. "Wow, this is the kind of commitment to a baby and breastfeeding," one comment says.