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Formulations, artificial nutrition

Formulations, artificial nutrition

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If the mother is really low on milk, it is necessary to cook, artificial diets. We try to breastfeed for as long as possible and give only an artificial diet.

Formulations, artificial nutrition

If the mother is running out of milk, or if she hasn't even started milk production, she's definitely in need of nutrition. When it comes to what kind of nutrition to give your baby, we should discuss it with our guardian, our pediatrician.

Generally about diet

The basis of modern baby formula is a cow's milk that is transformedto make it look more like breast milk. These diets must meet the standards of health and serve a complete diet, as well as the first few months of life. An additional requirement of formula is that cooking in boiling water is not necessary. Baby formulas also contain vitamins and iron. We need to discuss with the nurse, our doctor, how the chosen formula affects our baby's vitamin D requirements. Most powder formulations mix easily with boiling hot water, and it is good to shake the glass. When formulating formulas, strict adherence to the utasнtбst. It is very important to keep the cleanliness and nutrition properly. The newborn - especially if you do not get breast milk - cannot properly protect against even the most common moles. It will take time for you to resist them. Milk - especially if it is room temperature - is an ideal medium for bacteria. Even though a few bacteria that have been sucked from the finger are depleted of the baby's body, so many bacteria are left in the body when left in a warm room that they cannot fight them.

The following rules should be followed carefully for your baby:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling formula or glass.
  • Use sterile nutrition and keep the container tightly closed at all times.
  • Let's sterilize everything, what you need to prepare the formula: a spoonful, a beaker, and so on.
  • Sterilize glasses, pacifiers and pacifiers.
  • Cool the formula quickly after preparation.
  • Keep cold until the baby starts feeding. Only start warming when your baby is awake, never store milk in an electric glass heater.
  • Always give out the milk your baby leaves. Do not put half of the remaining formula in half the glass, but rather pour it out.
  • If the parent adheres exactly to the instructions on the nutrition label, he will receive a liquid similar to breast milk. This way, your baby will get the right amount and quality of food.