If the mother is happy, the baby has less abdomen

If the mother is happy, the baby has less abdomen

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If a mother is in a happy relationship and has adequate support from her surroundings, her baby is less likely to have stomachs, according to a recent study by Penn State College.

If the mother is happy, is the stomach less?

Long ago, infant stomachs have been linked to the mental state of the mother. However, more than 3,000 women between the ages of 18 and 35 who gave birth to children between January 2009 and April 2011 were examined in 78 different Pennsylvania hospitals or more or more with dripping, drizzling. The interesting thing is that the children of women who were themselves uncomfortable with their lives suffered the most from the problem, they were living in unhappy relationships and their environment was not supported by them enough. The happier you were in your mother's relationship after pregnancy and the birth of your baby, the less chance you had of abdomen. The most common problem with women with postpartum depression is also stomach pain. negativity for baby whining ... we don't know ... "- says research lead Kristen Kjerulff.Related Articles:
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