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Spots on the baby's face: milk milk or milk allergy

Spots on the baby's face: milk milk or milk allergy

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If tiny, red or white, slightly protruding nodules appear on the baby's face, most mothers think of some form of allergy.

Milk milk or milk allergy?

Because these symptoms usually occur in the first few months, extra diet or breast milk may occur as the baby does not consume any food at that age. When to Think of Allergies and What to Know About Harmless Milking?

Symptoms of milk allergy

Because breast milk consumed by the mother can also be passed on to the baby's milk, the symptoms of milk allergy in breast-fed babies can be just as much as in baby-fed cows - dr. Vass Noémi pediatrician, gastroenterologist, doctor of the Buda Allergy Center. THE milk allergy can also cause skin disorders, cheating, dry eczema skin - but these usually appear throughout the body, not just on the face. In the case of milk allergy, in addition to skin disorders, small stomach complaints may also occur: frequent stomach upset, bloating, diarrhea, and bloody stools.

What Causes Milking?

Symptoms of milking primarily on the face, but can also occur on the neck, head and more luminous colors, white. In addition to the skin, the baby has no other complaints, it is healthy and develops well. Milk production is caused by an even underdeveloped intestinal system that is unable to digest breast milk completely. Over time, these symptoms disappear without any intervention. First of all, if your face is flushed with lukewarm water, be careful to rinse, We use baby-friendly products when bathing. It is very rare that the outbursts become purulent, so it is advisable to consult a doctor or nurse.

Not only diets can cause symptoms

Infants' immune systems are still underdeveloped and their skin is sensitive. Kicks are therefore not only caused by the mother's milk or formula, but also by many others. Small skin may be irritated by the type of laundry detergent, rinse aid or linen or diaper material. If you have a lot on hand, it may be our clothes, body, dad's hair, or lotion, the perfume we use.

Examination and diet

If you are uncertain about the cause of your outbreaks, an allergy test can help rule out whether there is a milk allergy in the background of the symptoms. In infants, this is done by a blood test. With positive results, diet can eliminate the symptoms. In the case of breast-fed infants, the mother should be restricted, temporarily terminated consumption of dairy products, breastfeeding does not have to be suspended! For nutritional babies, changing the formula is the solution. Validated milk whites for allergies are exclusively non-dairy based, or special dietary supplements may be given.You know that food allergies children 95 percent of the age of 3 years, complaints disappear, children outgrow the ailment. In the meantime, however, it is very important that the foods and ingredients that cause the problem are strictly ignored, both during and after the introduction of the solid foods.