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When children are raised in a sense of security and affection, it does not matter at all that a mother or father is not born to be a member of a family of different cultures.

"I became a stepmother at 16 years old"

Бgostonnй Hetzmann Annamбria (28), Boglárka (6) and Jonathan (12)
"My couple raised their one-year-old baby alone when we met," Ancsa begins. "At that time I was 16 and my family was resentful because I left school and moved in with my friend a few months after my first meeting. Little Jonathan, or as we were born, I loved her almost immediately. I became her stepmother, I was with her during the day when my husband, Csabi, was working. "

A mixed family can also be a happy family

The little boy was half-hearted when his parents moved in, and shortly afterwards, he was kidnapped by Csabi. The mother became a mom of the week. "Rick, the mother never liked me, was always hostile, I don't know, maybe she didn't like that I was very young or that her son after a while she gave birth to me as a mother, which I didn't encourage him to, he just started, and I didn't tell him not to, since he was only three years old. I've always wrapped up my own childhood, nurtured it as I knew it, and still do not make a difference between Bogi and me, who will be my own and this season, "says Ancsa, to treat the children equally.
"Wherever we are, I introduce John to my little son. I used to get used to it in kindergarten. I knew I was very young when I became a stepmother, but today, I wouldn't do anything, not a minute, that was the way it turned out.
But it was often difficult, especially at the beginning. Of course, the villagers immediately took our word for it and rejected us. We thought we weren't going to be together for a while, and I was going to get there soon. Then, over time, I saw that I was a stubborn couple to Chabin, and a decent mother to little Juno, and they began to make friends with the situation. "
The couple decided before they started school that they want a baby boy. Bogi was born in 2007 and the two children became a very good brother. "We could never give up on my kids. And once you bring life to the point of losing, you would just as much hold on to Jonathan as you would to my baby," Ancsa adds.

"We've always made a gypsy baby"

Lénбrt Réka Virpi (35), Brron (6), Leisa (4), Hanna (2) and Mбrton (9 weeks)
"My husband and I have been clear at the time of our engagement: our common life will change, we will have as many children as we can, and we would like to welcome a gypsy baby," says László Rolka László. With her husband, Viktor Lénárrt, who is a spiritualist and economist, he is called an evangelist. "Viktor didn't need to be beaten, he was thinking like that, since we had been to teenagers who had been cared for and sick by the state.
I think it was at that time that we began to have a desire to provide a loving home for a similarly fortunate child, because we saw how hard it is for young people who are out of care to succeed. I've been to England, Scandinavia, where many family members are already natural to the they also welcome their own children".
Cancers came to the union when the first children were born, started to attend the papers, and completed the necessary course to get on the list as soon as possible.
"We specifically wanted a Gypsy child, and in the meantime, it was also clear that our fourth child would be adopted. That is, they are adopted."
Marci's mother secretly concealed her pregnancy, trying to break it several times with pills, which led to the baby being given birth to programmed germination due to complications. There was Rice in the barn. "When I first got it in my hands, I felt completely self-conscious that it was our baby, I felt such a tight bond.
Everything is so natural after all, Marci is very good at family, very good baby, and her brothers are cute with her, all responding to the new age with age. They also value it because we talked a lot about it before and have become accustomed to having small brothers who are not at all like dark hair and eyes.
The oldest, six-year-old Bron in his own right, notices that Marci is not a bloody deceiver, and its origin. We don't hide anything from our own children or Marci, when the time comes, we'll tell him how he came to us. Just like our friends and acquaintances, we were completely open about adoption. Many people look at us with admiration, while others do not understand us at all, but the refusal to accept it confirms more that this is our way to Marc's place, "says Rick, who can breastfeed in a fantastic way.
"We stopped breastfeeding with Hannah two months ago, but a couple of days after Marci first breastfeeded, my milk started to flow again. I think our truth is true, which I will tell my little boy once when he asks how he was born: another mom is starving, but he is very I carry you in my heart tйged. "

"My grandson and my baby play together"

Laszlo of Baranya (70) and her baby girl, Zoé (6)
"I was sixty years old when our baby Zoo was born," begins Laci, who has three grown-up children and five grandchildren from her previous marriage. "And even though I was not a friend who, in my old age, felt busy working with a new kid, I would never have made my young wife childless.
THE fogantatбs it did not go easy, because Zufi, Laci's wife, did not become pregnant after a year of trying. "Not to be disappointed, we started the flask program, which lasted two years, and for the fifth time, it only took me a while to load. My wife will always respect her endurance and pain." Laci's grown-up children love Zoi, they really like a real mosaic family: they organize public outings and vacations.
"Even my ex, Gizi, keeps up with us, she never had any objection to Zhufi and the little girl. In fact, my oldest girl, who is the same age as my wife, is deeply saddened at first by our relationship."
Laci's little boy was born with Zoe at the same time, and the two kids have a very special relationship. "Even without words, they understand each other perfectly, as if they were identical twins. Zoe cannot deny her half-brothers, and her present and their youthful pictures can be mixed up.
I never woke up from my tasks, heated the milk, fed, diapered, bathed, anesthetized. To this day I'm investing, telling you before you fall asleep. I wear it for school as well as for outside classes. Many times they are low-priestess, but I am not too upset and even proud of me.
When I look at a kid's head, I sometimes think that I just have to be a very good person - your God wouldn't have forgiven this miracle. And he wouldn't have allowed me to regain all the good that raising such a puppy means. To kill my life twice, "confesses Laci, who only regrets that my three children from my first marriage didn't pay much attention to them." it would be better, even more intimate, if I had done more work with them at that time. And this bug can't be pushed or corrected anymore. "

"My kids are learning the Turkish language of Africa"

Homolya Hajnalka (37) and her little girls, Emma Summer (3) and Csilla Alaska (6 hrs)
"A couple of years ago I was living in England when I met my Zimbabwean son," says Hajnalka Homolya, the mother of two victorious puppies. "We were married one year later, and then our first child, Emma Summer, was born the following year. I was born at home because my husband just got a job in Hungary, but he went back a few months later." Emma's mother was born to her little sister, Csilla Alaska, and until they had their own home, her husband's relatives were born.
"It was weird, suddenly I felt like I was in a single place in Europe. I often thought, God, what I was looking for here. , she's the family, she brings the decisions, and mother deals with the kids, and we never opened a dispute, and I accepted it.
My brother loves to play with the girls, he cares a lot about them, he teaches them besides English his Turkish language, sonar. And the playmaker is more like Emm than he is. But it's important that if you think you can, you can give the kids over immediately. "
Hajni is one every second Saturday they come to the Hungarian community with several Hungarian families, where children can learn nipples. "There are some moms with small children, one very good friend to hang out with, talk to, share our feelings about.


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