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Infectious anemia: Symptoms and Causes

There are innumerable reasons why our children have anemia. There may be some inflammation or infection in the anemia.

The sign of poverty is permanent fatigue and fatigue

Blood cancer (in Latin: anemia) occurs when a blood cell is depleted of an oxygen-depleted cell (the blood cell) fбradйkonysбg, sбpadtsбg, йtvбgytalansбg, szйdьlйs йs fejfбjбs It occurs. In practice, the most common way to prevent anemia in children is to use lipstick, diphtheria or lymphatic color. Of course, a blood image is one that can provide more accurate information. not a disorder, but always a symptom, which has many reasons behind it. Iron deficiency is the most common of these, but countless cancers can cause anemia.

Inflammations, infections

Often acute and chronic inflammations or recurrent infectious diseases They are in a state of poverty. In this case, it is well-known in the blood that the level of hemoglobin is sensitive to the infections. In this case, the bone marrow will not be able to utilize the stored iron for the preparation of red blood cells. all sorts of infections acquired inside (e.g., toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus) can cause the death of red blood cells, but bacterial infections acquired after childbirth can also cause cancer in children, in respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, they are also at risk, as in these cases the body's iron content is utilized in part by the disease. The other problem is frequent infections among men. Part of the parasites may even use iron in the intestine, and may cause malabsorption of iron, which may inhibit the absorption of iron. Interestingly, acute infections, inflammation, can develop characteristic changes in iron metabolism for up to 30 minutes, but it can take about 30 minutes to develop a detectable anemia. 10-14 days required.

It is important to find out the underlying disease

Because anemia is a symptom in this case, it is first necessary to treat the underlying disease and examine the possibility of infection.If anemia occurs, it will cure well and the anemia will cease. However, in very rare cases, the severity of the anemia may require serious intervention.Related Articles:
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