We're not afraid of medicine!

We're not afraid of medicine!

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Your ears, belly or throat will have a baby, and you will be the head of your heart if you find yourself suffering. You can overcome this sentiment and fear, and even the little ones can help. We'll show you how to: give you your experience and your pediatrician's advice.

The first relief on the crib - yes, healthy! - quickly dissipates, and the worries take over. At least I was like this while my child was greeted by one of the children in the medical hospital, in the hospital corridor or at home, and inhaled a little. The first thing I have learned from minor or major illnesses is that fear is contagious.

Don't give up your fear!

It is easier for both of you if you are not dominated by bad senses. It is important that you interpret the symptoms correctly and consult a doctor immediately if necessary. As time goes by you can overcome the problems more and more, so you are not so scared. If you do not shy away from the "drama" of medical procedures, your child will get through it sooner.

Love your mind too!

In good case, you will only find yourself in the first week when you are uncomfortably assisted by another unpleasant operation: you suck the elbows out of your stuffed nose. Do you have the heart to beat the nose? Know that you are doing good to him if you do not let your elbows, chest and forehead get cold and cause painful inflammation.
Convince your cure your need, believe in efficiency, so it's easier to execute. You can try some of the "treatments", like the nose itself, to feel what it really is. Aren't they so awful?

Playful ideas help

You play all day - I heard the dude casting a dusty blanket on his nose with a gray blanket for his nose, then waving a baby inhaler mask under the table with a warm smile on his nose, and a little red on his face. But with "big games," I was trying to prevent the effects of just one of the gravestones.
Of course, the baby could hardly get anything like that. In infancy, you can do it quickly and successfully by finding a posture that will not hurt her, and you can keep her calm. You can use your sleep to warm your face, ears.

Sick or good at gaming?

Its small immune system is still evolving, and even in the presence of ailments. According to pediatricians, it is not very unusual and it does not mean much trouble to catch an infection up to 10 times a year. It's not a good idea to pack your nasal dust bag - where there are more children, the mother can feel more like a home. In such cases, as well as in the case of persistent illnesses, such as asthma, allergies, absorption, digestive system disorders, diabetes, it is especially important to incorporate therapy, diet and treatment into your daily routine. Accept the situation and focus less on the patient.
The kid will see what his or her problems are: hanging around, being bitter, or a lot of good by him. I had my nose sprinkled nine times, and I had almost permanent mid-inflammation. All I know is that I remember all the many tales my mom read so far from my favorite fairy tale in the medical blood, the cute, hot-stuffed cat litter she sewed to me, and the mysterious, steaming, inhaled where of course you get in with me. I don't remember the pain and the doctor at all. However, if I saw my grandmother making jam in white, then I was fleeing.

Instead of twisting, co-operation

Dr. Boglárka of Poland pediatrician does not usually wear a white robe. It tries to be more natural with the children. But how do you get the little one to work together?
- Lucky if we don't see each other first when he's sick and miserable. There is more time to get acquainted, to make friends, and we are no strangers to you when you come to the hospital. It is important that you do not hurry, take the time to look at it, talk to it, and turn it over with peace of mind, understanding and patience. If a child at this time realizes that he is really interested in me, what is happening to him is a good chance he will cooperate with me.
- Equipped with a picture book, fingers, surprises, I arrive at the office to spend nearly as much time at home as we do at home. I spit on my tear, entertained with rhymes, peeping with another slut, so that we could go to the doctor as much as possible. But what if you resist, yell, and gnaw at the test?
- If the first minor meeting is always well introduced, there will be no strong protest. But if you do, I don't even hold the kid, open the mouth and fight with him. When you yell with your mouth, you can look into your throat. Stubborn counter-nails can also be trimmed with a coloring booklet, sticker, talk, but only take longer. All children will be welcomed when first contacting us about their illness. He'd heard so many times that he would not cry and behave properly, that he would be completely surprised and forget to cry when I told him he could cry if he was going to hurt.
- We're going to the Doctor Aunt - this is what every parent tells their children. Do you have to talk about what will happen to him, for example when he gets the vaccine? - You have to be realistic and stress about getting there. Sure, he didn't mean a lot of that, but the smallest one realizes that he's got something important right now. Let's also tell a couple of month-old babies to go back to vaccination. I tell each infant they bring me to the vaccine, in which thigh it is given, I touch it where it will get the syringe. And every time I add, here is her mom who will love her and comfort her - says dr. Polish Boglárka.

Going to the doctor - how to talk to roula?

You don't take it into consideration when you keep your baby's first anatomy: your first birthday, you ask your body parts: where's your baby's head, where's your nose ... where the doctor looked, where the nose should be placed. You can play on the dolls, teddy bears that came with it from the doctor, which also helped to process the discomfort.

Rike is going to be vaccinated

The storybook also helped

Rick's Fairy-tale Book Series introduces the most common pediatric illnesses, medical examinations, and the healing-healing process into images that can be written for little ones. The first two books on influenza and the need for vaccinations. You still want to look at it even if it's just What's This? you ask, and you can learn how to talk to him about "health" requests.
Not only Rick, but all children receive the vaccine, but unfortunately, tonsillitis, wasp, allergy affects many. Each of the fourteen books in the series presents a situation in which a child encounters a doctor and his own body.
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