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It became clear whether one should drink with meals

It became clear whether one should drink with meals

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We often hear that we do not drink with meals because it is not healthy. Is it really harmful to drink water while eating? Bright Side has followed the topic to find out myths or have a ban on the matter.

Can You Drink Meal? (Fotу: digestive process starts as soon as we think we will eat: it is produced in the mouth. In the midst of entrapment, the saliva and the food mix, the saliva contains enzymes that are necessary for the digestive process. When food reaches the stomach, it encounters stomach acid. On average, it takes about enough to eat the food before it goes into the stomach and passes into the body, where it releases all the nutrients to the body. After about 10 minutes, the water is in the stomach and then goes on. The fluids moisturize the diet and then pass through the stale food. It is believed that water heats up stomach acid and makes digestion impossible. The truth is that fluids do not lower acidity. Our bodies are complex but very well tuned. If the stomach "senses" that it is unable to digest something, it produces more enzymes and increases the acidity of the fluid. If you drink a lot during meals, the acidity level will not be affected either. The fluids will not affect the rate of digestion. Scientists have suggested that fluids leave the body faster than solid foods, but this does not affect the rate of digestion.If you drink during meals, you will not cause any harm to your digestion. On the contrary, the water helps to smooth the solid foods. One thing to keep in mind: if you drink before you swallow the food, it will not be enough for the diet, which will result in a lack of enzymes that will aid in the digestive process. show that those who take a break to drink water during the meal will slow down the meal process, and will actually eat less, which is definitely the case (article based on Bright Side article)
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