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Breast milk is always the best

Breast milk is always the best

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Newer and more recent studies have proven that breast milk is best for the development of the baby's brain.

Based on theoretical and animal data, it has been widely believed that the nutrition of newborns can be enhanced by breast milk. On the other hand, examination of healthy infants confirmed that it was breast milk "smarter" baby formula it hasn't been managed yet, says MTI.
The nutrition industry has long tried to make high-quality baby formula from cows' milk, and scientists have tried to make it even better. It has been suggested that certain constituents of soy milk are chemically composed to enhance the physical and mental development of the newborn.

Breast milk is best for a baby

Specialists have experimented with such infant formulas, and the cost has changed to fashion in some countries. The American Mezхgazdasбgi Minisztйrium kutatу group kцltцtt jelentхs цsszeget to the vizsgбlatra which egйszsйges ъjszьlцttek intellectual fejlхdйsйt tanulmбnyoztбk the legkorszerыbb mуdszerekkel: the little ones breastmilk tehйntejbхl kйszьlt tбpszert or gazdagнtott szуjafehйrjйkkel babatбpot received egyйves korukig.A vizsgбlatban 131 ъjszьlцtt kizбrуlag breast milk sucked as much babбt tejbхl цsszeбllнtott and the members of the third group were fed with scientifically prepared soy drinks. Detailed baby development examinations were conducted in the third, sixth, and ninth months, all in the same manner.
The researchers also looked at comparing the results to see if there was a difference baby's spiritual development and the number of births, skin, head circumference or maternal intelligence.
Although there was no significant difference between the three diets, the breast milk babies were slightly better at the sixth and ninth months. The second place was the cow's milk formula and the third place was the new milk-based milk formula.
These results are consistent with the literature in the United Arab Emirates, which demonstrates the benefits of breastfeeding for the development of a child's cognitive abilities. However, it is important to point out that the developmental rates of all groups studied were within the normal range and the difference between breast-fed children and nutritionally small infants was very low. Aline Andres And his work was published in Pediatrics.
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