5 super kid programs

5 super kid programs

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Looks like a little cooling down in the winter. Let's put together a couple of programs so you don't get bored!

Little Party Trouser Show

The 55-year-old popular mole discusses the big things in life in an unusual way; unflinchingly honest, bohemian and funny, when you can learn a lot from it. In addition to the original illustrations, old and new mummy toys and distinctive trinkets are on display now, as well as exciting children's programs and movie screenings. The real specialty will be the collection of "retro" little moles and prototypes manufactured since 1985 and nowadays.
3/31/2012 (Sat) -20-04-08-08 (Sun)
Millenbris (1024 Budapest, 20-22 Fény Street) Betting

Children's Workshop: Saturday Clowns - What's the Lobby?

(Photographic occupation with Mariann Kovocs, leader, ages 6-12) Playful occupations consist of two parts. At the exhibition, the children get to know the objects in a playful, conversational way in connection with the topic. In the course of workshops, they create different materials and techniques, and work on the same day with dramatic games. The program is designed and maintained by the institution's museum educators, including professionals, trainers, musicians, and pupils.
3/31/2017, Sat 10: 30-12: 30
Museum of Fine Arts (1146 Budapest, Gyorgy Düzsa ъt 41.)

Hnmes habits

Easter bustle, where you can meet old traditions and learn about new customs. There will be egg searching in the garden, watering can, egg painting with different techniques, targeting a siphon, door knocking, bunny stroking.
3/31/2017, Sat 10am - 1pm
Wekerlei Cultural Center and Library (1192 Budapest, Petur u. 7.) www.gyermekhaz.kispest.hu

World Naughty Miss - Music Tales Based on the Story of Elek Benedek

(5 years card)
In the last part of the world, on the seventy-seventh island of the Black Sea, the darkness is so great that a sword can be hung on it. This is where the most beautiful girl in the world is kidnapped by the Evil Witch of the World. He is constantly aroused by the prospect of somebody liberating him, but the dark, uncomfortable days are passing by. Then, from a far-flung kingdom, a long-time and dangerous kingdom sets off for a king to unleash a trapped image and defeat Evil…
4/1/2012, Sunday 10:00 AM
Thablia Sanbaz (1065 Budapest, Nagymezõ u. 22.) New Town

Donkey on the Tower - Elemental Fairy Tale Dolls Inspired by Chagall's Pictures

(6 years old) Does Boldizar, the restless man, find the moon where his old-fashioned mother lives on the New Year's Day, according to the tannery Grandpa's decree? But the adventurous five perish on a perched straw-hawk, on a drooping mouth, and on a meadow, with the moon light like a light-hearted, great bird, up to the end of the moon, Zebulun!
5/5/2017, Thurs, 11:00 am
Stъdiу K Sznhhzz (1092 Budapest, 32 Rбday Street)
Forrбs: www.pestiest.hu, www.kincsprogram.hu, Treasure Kids Program Magazine