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Sex after childbirth: how do I tune in?

Sex after childbirth: how do I tune in?

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I was born five weeks ago, and since then my boyfriend has tried to approach me because he misses sex, but he is half asleep. I have a lot of fear, not one of my cartoons. When is it Safe to Learn? - asks our reader Йva (31).

Tune in for sex

Choice of sex therapist Nurra Terjski-Tуth

It's normal for a newborn mother to not be able to put the postpartum sex and concerns about it to herself. The sexually-recommended period recommended by doctors is usually six weeks, of course, if the birth was uncomplicated. This is when your baby will regain control of your mother, and if everything goes well, it will give you a green light to begin your love life. From this doctor, it is worth asking everything: how careful should you be? Are your husband's fears well founded? Is it to be counted as pain? After all, your doctor was present at the birth, and she sees most of the wound healing with a gingival or surgical wound. It is imperative that you ask about your pregnancy, as you should think about it the first time! The biggest myth that you can't get pregnant during breastfeeding. During these weeks, you also turn to all your nerves, your baby's attention, and your new body, too. The greatest strength of the father is patience, well, even if they have spoken: you must not force or hurry anything, but you also have to put yourself in the position of being new there are always women and excesses or numbers, not just the mother of your child. Let go of the idea that you really need the intimacy you have spent alone. There's a lot to do, because he has to play with patience what's right for you, step by step, tune in. Begin with gentle strokes, tightening the return, relieving the initial tension. This can be continued for as long as you give it pleasant and unambiguous signals when something is out of your comfort zone. When the vagina is too wet, you end the act too. Of course, don't be illusory, the first time can be a little uncomfortable! Don't make orgasm your goal, rather, is emotional disability. If you return to an active sex life in your daily life, the fire will wake up again, and you will do so too. If you have already taken a course before birth, where a strengthens the pelvic floor muscles you have learned it, feel free to apply the exercises you have learned there, and you will soon feel the effect of your head! Make no exaggeration: mothers who are lacking in time can practice lying down while breastfeeding! I wish you patience, patience, lots of talk, to get everything in place!


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