Maternity Support 2017What conditions, how much and how can I claim it?

Maternity Support 2017What conditions, how much and how can I claim it?

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We have collected the most important information about maternity support.

The baby's arrival is all about

After your baby is born, it is worth noting the one-time, one-off maternity support available. Maternity support is granted to the mother who participates in pregnancy care at least four times during pregnancy, and at least once during pregnancy.
It is important to note that support is not only available to expectant parents, but can be requested by the baby if the baby is given six months after receiving the baby kerьl.
Avoiding misunderstandings is also a definite definition of who is not entitled to maternity support. This is also the case when the parent has made a statement before the baby is born to adopt the child. This is, of course, also valid if the child is excluded from the family by a decision of custody.

Maternity Support 2017 - Amount

The amount of maternity support - per child - is the same as the minimum amount of the old-age pension at the time of childbirth, 225 percent, currently I made 64 125 forints. In the case of twin children this amount is naturally higher, the smallest amount of the said old-age pension is 300 percent, or 85,500 HUF.
You can also download the form called "Request for Maternity Benefit Statement" from your local government office, your local office, your local government office, or your workplace. If you have a goalkeeper registration, you can also apply through the Hungarian State Treasury's online portals. It is very important to pay attention to the border, please submit your request before the baby is six months old! When filling in the form, do not forget to collect other papers and papers. You will need your mother's ID card, your residence card, your TAJ card, your baby's birth certificate and your TAJ card, as well as your ID. Of course, in the case of adoption or guardianship, the documents certifying these procedures must also be attached.
Requesting paper is free. You can expect a response to your request within 8 days of receipt. If we are eligible for maternity support and will pay it to us, we will promptly transfer it to the bank number or home address that the mother provided on the form.
It is important to know, however, that maternity support requires a birth after six months we have ours. Be careful not to run out of the border, and to keep all necessary documents attached to your application.

Ъjнtбs 2018-Thu

Next year, the Genealogy Program, a family-friendly quality initiation initiative covering all walks of life, will begin in January. The one-time maternity support will be for those whose children are registered and the Hungarian certificate will also be able to provide support. The baby wrap will also be part of the package.- Baby Care Award - CSED- Baby Care Award - GYED


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