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Cough cocktails

It has been used for centuries as a spice and as a cure: thyme is not only disinfected, reduces inflammation, has a curing effect and also inhibits bacterial growth.

Cough cocktails If you have cough, many people may remember hawthorn, elderberry, or chamomile, but thyme is also a great choice for colds, colds, and influenza. We can make herbal medicine, use it to prevent cough, or we can inhale it if our nose is plugged. Nyбkoldу, kцptetх hatбsa there is a rбadбsul nхk nцvйnyekйnt also known as the megszьnteti gцrcsцket йs the vйrzйsi rendellenessйgeket drink йs 3 csйszйvel is.Gyуgyteakйnt kцhцgйs the day, the torokfбjбs the mъltй (but hasonlуkйppen brings depressziуt the vйrszegйnysйget or right mбjbetegsйget as well). Children can also drink and have a beneficial effect on the immune system. At the time of throat gargling with thyme tea and oral inflammation may also be effective: rinse and then spit out the tea.Related articles in this topic:
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