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Varicella Prevention: The Most Important 72 HoursVaccinated by the third day after infection

Varicella Prevention: The Most Important 72 HoursVaccinated by the third day after infection

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At least 400 people are hospitalized every year for varicella in the home, even though they can be vaccinated against the disease in 72 ounces following the infection to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Pancreatic vesicles are difficult to disappear from the skin

The professionals have since been recommending to everyone with two-dose vaccination protect yourself against the disease. According Gyermekpszicholуgusok kьlцnцsen important megelхzйs esetйben the kerьlх ъjonnan kцzцssйgbe children because hosszъ betegsйg disrupt the amъgy also rendkнvьl megterhelх bцlcsхdei, уvodai beszoktatбst.Az elmъlt hуnapban many csalбd йlete revolved bцlcsхdei, уvodai йvkezdйs йs of this jбrу beszoktatбsi idхszak kцrьl. At the same time, pediatric infections are an ideal field for rapidly spreading infections; caused by varicella. A 10-21 day incubation period of varicella is a sneaky disease: 1-2 days before the appearance of rashes, it is contagious It also contributes to the development of major diseases. Varicella is extremely virulent: spreads by drip infection, but 15-20 minutes prior to transmission of infection in the local area - for example, in a nursery school group - to spend time with the patient. Children who are not protected by the vaccine are likely to catch the infection, but there is still a chance that the parents will try to avoid the patient. "Few parents know that if it turns out that somebody in the wilderness, ovi, or school has become tetanus, it is still worthwhile to vaccinate more infected children in the next 72 hours. the onset of the disease may be earlier than the disease itself. If you develop varicella, a the course of the disease will still be milder And the currency of the transaction is also lower, "he said. Dr. Pytta Gyцrgy, President of the Home Pediatricians Association.In Hungary, on an annual average 35 to 40 thousand cases of tetanus report, but the number of actual infections is actually close to hundreds of thousands. The disease is mild in most cases but accounts for about 2-6% of patients requiring medical attention. 100 out of 1 cases, different events - can cause bacterial infections, encephalitis, pneumonia, neurological changes - can cause the disease without disease: It may take up to 2-3 weeks It also comes with fever, depression, itchy, stinging bumps. Statistics show that infection is most common in 2-8 year olds.

It's bad for everyone!

Delaga Йva according to a child psychologist, early autumn autobiography can be delayed for up to 2-3 months, and most successful if not disturbed by the child. " back to the community. After a week of illness, not only parents, but little ones, can begin to become accustomed to it at this time. - Explained.On mental burdens, according to the pediatrician, the weakened immune system of the patient will become more susceptible to infections. "We find that chicken pox puts a great deal of strain on the immune system of children, so they are more likely to catch other infectious diseases after they return to the community," she said. dr. Poet Gyцrgy. For parents, it is not only psychologically but also financially stressful, as they can be out of work for weeks. " a single parent who may have a child often has no other choice.Dr. Pütta says that it is ideal for a child or a parent to have a guardian before moving to the community. toddlers get it by the age of 16-18 months two-dose vaccination against varicella.If the child is afraid of the child, the parent can prepare it for vaccination at home and szerepjбtйkkal you can also show us what will happen in the order. "If the parent guides the child ahead of the situation, he or she will be aware of the potentially frightening situation and relieve anxiety. If you have a headache for a little while, your child will feel right about being cheated. This will cause the parent to lose credibility, "warns Delva. Pain, swelling, redness, skin rash, and fever may occur most frequently at the injection site. According to a child psychologist, prevention is also more appropriate because parents, especially mothers, find it difficult to prevent a child suffering from itchy bladder. THE little kids can't explain itthat exits should not be obscured - the parent, even in this situation, is disciplined, forbidden, which creates another conflict situation.

Pox pox at home, Pox pox in the world

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 4,200 cases of chicken pox infection in the world each year, resulting in 4,200 cases of chicken pox infection, including vaccination against WHO. 3-4 million patients a year in Europe seek medical help for varicella, the number of patients in need of hospital treatment is between 18-24 thousand, and 80 people die of the disease and its outcomes.Related materials:
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