There is no donor sperm in Hungary

There is no donor sperm in Hungary

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One thousand sperm donors would be needed every year, but only a dozen would prove to be suitable. According to experts, a luminous campaign would be needed.

There is no donor sperm in HungaryFor years there have been very few, only hundreds of sporadic donors, after rigorous examinations, approx. a dozen men prove to be suitable for a thousand bearers. According to experts solidarity is the greatest failure. A thorough campaign, health filtering and legislative changes would be needed. Foreign donors will also be needed. the use of foreign samples that are already home - remembers hvg.hu. Although in 2018 a forceful decision was made against the banned decision, but it is still in effect during the crisis. For the authorities, this was a complete inaccuracy to hvg.hu by a specialist. That is why it would be important for the domestic donor to be as good as possible. Now, however, it is incapable of relying solely on domestic sperm donors. Following the 2015 OTH decision, the KRIO Institute had to suspend its activities. Due to the administration and the approvals, the screening of Hungarian donors could not be restarted until 2019, but as this is a very rigorous and lengthy process, the first samples will probably only be available at the beginning of next year. This means that you are almost half and half as many as you can. A lot of couples have done the treatments on their own in foreign clinics. The proportion of bear tourism has decreased slightly, but in the Czech Republic, Spain, and even Ukraine, hundreds of Hungarian couples are treated every year. However, the difficult situation is still caused by the low number of domestic sperm donors. According to KRIO data, between May 1 and July 14, 598 young men have registered as donors on their website, but after reading the information, only 98 said they would go for the first exam. (Donors are up to 35 years old at the time.) Currently, only eight young people out of 598 are in the advanced examination phase and so on. in about fifteen of these cases, the specimen can be used. The donor's germ cells can be used at home for such a successful treatment, up to sixty completed IVF cycles. Comparatively, 8 donations are promised in Norway and 25 in the Netherlands. There is nothing to do about it. nor are they aware of the significant extent to which total disability occurs today. This would require sensitive, enlightened campaigns, according to experts. wakes.
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