A gluten-free dog helps a 10-year-old celebrity baby

A gluten-free dog helps a 10-year-old celebrity baby

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Gofree, the first Hungarian training gluten-assisting dog, is studying with Emma, ​​a 10-year-old celiac girl. The assisting dog will be able to identify the smell and indicate whether it contains gluten in the food.

Gofree, the Gluten-Marked Dog Helps a 10-Year-Old Celebrity Baby (Fotу: Facebook) Dogs are able to identify gluten with tremendous sense of smell following a training. Gofree is one of the youngest students of the NEO Shepherd Dog Association after your training you will be able to decide for each meal whether it contains traces glutйnt, or not, and its small owner is therefore safe.

The first Hungarian gluten-free assistant dog

Currently only gluteninated aid dogs are working in America, so Gofree will be the first similar dog in Hungary. The dog has been visiting the NEO Association for 4 months: the Pilis-Buda Dog House has been bored with puppy hunting. For years, the Association has wanted to be able to train such a helper dog. In the United States, similar dogs began to work in the past years are a huge help to glutйnйrzйkeny gazdбiknak. I learned the special smell training from Maja Golob, a master in the field - who trained Elias, the world's first gluten-indicating dog, 10 years ago.

What do you need to know about celiac?

Celiac disease is a life-long disease affecting 1 in every 100 people. The body of celiac disease responds to the very small amount of gluten found in each grain by a strong immune response, which overwhelms the patient's body. Fully gluten-free nutrition is the only effective remedy, which is terribly difficult as it is present almost everywhere in gluten where food is handled, even for a healthy person.

Why do I need a dog?

These aid dogs are still able to identify the smell of gluten in food, even if they are present in very small quantities, and their owners can reliably indicate this. But why is a gluten-free dog needed when there are plenty of gluten-free products and many gluten-free meals in restaurants and confectioneries? Gluten-free refers to products containing up to 20 mg / kg of gluten: this means that some products may contain minimal gluten but are also considered to be gluten-free. Some who are not so bad with so much contamination, but for example, Emma, ​​who works for Gofree, can cause so many problems. In addition, there are many products in stores that are not labeled as containing gluten, but also that they are not free. There are also hidden pitfalls, such as medicines. In Emma's case, for example, they were treated with a flame retardant so that the product was not traced to trace amounts of gluten, but it turned out later that a syrup was used to make such an ingredient, weeks of nausea. In the case of gluten-free supply in restaurants and confectioneries, there is a risk that they will be prepared in kitchens where gluten-free foods are offered, and the risk of cross-contamination is very high. the NEO Shepherd Dog Association. The dog sometimes became one year old and had to seek foreign training for special gluten marker training, as no one in Hungary has ever trained such a dog. Let's learn this new area enthusiastically, and most importantly, Gofree is motivated and committed to his studies.Forrбs: Gofree, the gluteninated helper dog's Facebook page, segitokutya.netRelated links:
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