Playful sniffing

Playful sniffing

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An interesting new game for developing neglected sensors is the sim school. Its simplest form is played from the kitchen table.

Let's eat our little kid in the middle of dinner, put his eyes out and put some noodles on the bottom, cut in the lemon and the sausage. We make different fragrant herbs and spices in the same small textile bags: parsley, thyme, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon - each with a couple of mugs. The kids wrap around and get a bag. Let's put their couples in a box. The "doggy" in the middle of the circle takes a bag out of the box, smells it, and tries to pick out the fragrance by smelling the bags of the kids in the circle. Anyone who has been killed will be the dog, and he will fall into place. If you are sick and ill-groomed, you will still have a dog.

There is so much scent!

Household (but not dangerous) substances can also be smelled: rinse, shampoo, toothpaste, face cream, soap. Do you recognize the well-known scents Let's go out into the garden with our eyes closed and smell the nature: you smell the dried leaves, petals, some of the plants have a very characteristic scent (pine leaf, lemon).
- Exercise your senses!
- Our nose is better than we think


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