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10 Things Your Mother's Most Regret About Not Being Known Before Birth

10 Things Your Mother's Most Regret About Not Being Known Before Birth

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Fathers profess things that no one warned them about. But you can learn it!

10 Things Your Mother's Most Regret About Not Being Known Before Birth

You don't even think what you are capable of

"I just knew that there was nothing in the world that was close to that boldogsбgnakthat motherhood offers. In order to hold the greatest gift of your life in your hands, the pain of parenting is worth it. That sleeplessness can be over. It's perfectly okay to give priority to getting on with yourself - so you'll know to others. That you don't have to do it perfectly - after all, you are the most perfect mother for your child. It's okay if you don't know something, you're frustrated or uncertain, and you say it. As a mother, you can experience that how much power we havein women. "- Daphne Wayans

Just be healthy

"I just knew the kids would be sick so often. I would have known alternative methods to help them get sick sooner. For me, the most important thing is to keep my kids healthy, but I had no idea how they would be from the viruses that lurk on them, especially during the flu season. It would have been good if I had first learned about some alternative, natural methods to help them recover and not have to go to the doctor and keep running. and, whenever possible, I try to offer them a healthier alternative to boosting their immune systems. " - Leila Lewis

Physical changes

"I just knew I was going to miss the hospital with just as big a stomach ... which is actually much bigger than what I went in for, because of the emergency bastard. Father, I think I practically sweat off the nipples during the night. As much as I changed the sheets at that time ... not to mention the daily wash. "


"As a mother with her first child, I thought motherhood was such a challenge for me. When I was struggling with something, I tried not to talk about anyonebecause I thought it wasn't just me. Everyone seemed to be super-light and childless. After a while, I just realized that the other mothers are struggling in the same way ... and that motherhood is best shared with each other. "- Dara Mathis

Baby post-plans

"The pre-baby and post-baby lifestyle is completely different. Pregnant, you shouldn't plan ahead thinking everything will work out the same as before! and baby, and we go out on a date alone. " - Jordan Kirkpatrick

You know no

"I just knew that if I tried to get the best out of myself, the point would be. More than ever. I learned that I am the best for my child even for anyone, for example or advice. Your baby, your life, forget about similarity, the sense of guilt, and the one or the other should "tнpusъ цnmarcangolбst!" Elayna Fernandez

All new

"Although I would have known that I too would feel newborn once my son was born. I became a mother, With a new identity, ъj life style, ъj everything. "- Isa Down

No chance

"If you read a parenting book and feel completely incompetent, throw it in the trash! And one other thing: moms who criticize you are mostly unlucky and unlucky. all the while you're not kidding, believe me. "

An indomitable love

"As far as I know, I wanted to be a mom. But I admit, I totally imagined it health. I had no idea that a new mother could be so lonely. I was at home between the four walls, spending long hours in my breastfeeding without any kind of adult communication, and there were feelings in me that I could not speak to anyone. Joining a few mom moms and making friends with other moms has done a lot for my mental health and opened a new chapter in my life. I would never have thought that I could love someone as much as Ellie. A sensation that is simply indescribable and inexplicable. Motherhood opened gates in front of me that I didn't even know existed. This is the most amazing, sophisticated, stressful thing imaginable in the world, but there is nothing you want to do better. "

Believe in yourself

"The only thing I say in retrospect that I knew before my child was born is that the most important thing is trust in yourself and your perceptions. There is no guide to the choice of the parent and all parents and children are not. You know yourself and your child best - trust me! We all come up with the most things in the middle, and we make a lot of mistakes. Forgive yourself, learn from these mistakes, and stay true to yourself. "Related articles in Maternity:
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