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That's why the little mama wants

That's why the little mama wants

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Usually, every little mom happens to have a meal before her spiritual eyes, and she feels the irresistible urge to eat nothing at that moment. This is what is called lust.

Normal during pregnancy? (Photo: iStock) This type of weight loss is less common in the first trimester, most intense in the second trimester, and extends to the third trimester. At the top of the list are treats, but junk food also occupies a prominent place in the order. It's not clear exactly what the background of lust may be, but the following physiological changes may be close to it.

Fluctuating hormone levels

During the first trimester, the body makes more insulin, so by the second trimester, you develop a mild insulin resistance condition that lowers your blood sugar. This reduction strengthens the consumption of carbohydrates after weight loss, to restore blood sugar levels.

Malfunctioning mechanism

Our body has many methods to protect infant health at physiological level. Simple, hard foods do not seem harmful to the body and therefore encourage the mother to eat such treats. Women who do not lift enough weight during pregnancy risk premature baby or low birth weight, this is why it is aimed at simple carbohydrates to increase fat storage and support breastfeeding.


Certain nutrients are increasingly needed during pregnancy, especially iron, folic acid, B vitamins, yoga, zinc, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A. If a pregnant woman has a deficiency in any of them, you may want to find dishes in which they can be found.

How to reduce weight?

The desire for food is completely normal and generally not harmful. That is why we should not feel bad if we are demented, after all, our bodies just want to say something. However, excessive intake of carbohydrates, especially multiple-processed, fast-absorbing carbohydrates, can result in excessive weight gain over the long term, which can be dangerous to the health of the mother and baby. How do we optimize our diet?
  • Avoid multiple processed carbohydrates and, whenever possible, choose simpler, healthier foods.
  • Instead of refined carbohydrates, we choose full-grain, slow-absorbing (such as brown rice, bulgur, etc.) hydrocarbons.
  • Eat more often, 3-4 urge to keep our blood sugar levels fluctuating.
  • We also need to pay attention to our water intake, as we also need more fluid during pregnancy.
  • Let's change carefully: avoid eating while sitting in front of the screen, concentrate on eating, and slowly take notice if you have been out.
  • Reduce stress, as this can also increase your weight. To alleviate this, let's sleep, exercise (paying attention), and meditate.
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