Blessed state

Blessed state

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"Blessed are you," let's say you're a pregnant baby, and we're not even thinking about what this situation means for the spiritual. Below we consider the most important aspects of this.

Blessed state

Relationship between parents

With the birth of a child, not a new person comes into the world, but rather A new family is being born. This tune-up begins in the months of pregnancy with the purchase of baby furniture, clothes, and toys, and also talks about the details of the baby to be born.
It enhances the relationship between the couple's members and the new elements of the pregnancy, and can thereby diminish it. These new elements are an increase in the sense of responsibility and mutuality between the one and the other, the fulfillment of a sense of trust and unity, and the need to take care of the disappointment. All this can be said to begin with the acquisition and integration of maternal and paternal roles into our former role repertoire, as well as the roles of women, men, and the workplace. This is a very big change.
One of the major turning points in the relationship is the birth of the first childbecause this is where the new work division of the family, the responsibilities of the family members, need to be established. The most important thing in this case is that parents' relationships should not be reduced to motherhood and paternal tasks, as well as having time to work with each other as before. If the couple finds not only a parent, but also a woman and a man with whom they are intimate, they will form a harmonious family with great value. The most immediate way to do this is to clarify with yourself and your partner what you want, what your expectations are in this changed new situation.

Relationship between mom and baby

The relationship between a mother and her child does not begin to develop after childbirth, but just before pregnancy. The fetus, as it develops, gives more and more signs of its existence. Initially, it only refers to the growth of the belly of the mother, but after a while her first movements in the womb also appear, all of which suggest that the family will gain new income soon. These signs naturally touch the mother first, for she is the one who experiences it most directly. This may be due to the fact that the mother, if not before, is sure to start thinking about what her newborn baby will be like.
Pronounced unspoken, everyone expects certain things from the child. Be nice, be smart, but be healthy, if not otherwise. These thoughts, and the most intimate relationship between two human beings - when the child is infused with her mother's body and her child - are the ones that develop the bond in the fetus. Contrary to the previous view, however, this conclusion is not one-sided. With the development of the sense organs, more and more stimuli are available to the fetus, so her mother's voice will be immediately reassuring after her birth. This kétirбnyъ connection will be the foundation of the love between the newborn and the mother unfold, which will not only affect the life of the child, but also the father of the ubiquitous urbian influence.

Mother's alternate senses

During pregnancy, turbulent hormonal changes in the mother's body may also occur in the mother's mood. We have to consider not only postpartum depression, which is becoming increasingly popular today, but also changes occurring during pregnancy. They result, for example, in an increased desire for certain foods, but also in the sad and cheerful mood and their fluctuations. However, mood fluctuations are largely dependent on the environment. If the expectant mother receives the anxiety and security she expects to be right in this situation, she will be cheerful and balanced.
For this reason, it is important that all members of the family and those who are in contact with the mother should be aware, because cheerfulness and a happy mother can make two people happier at the same time.
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