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Panic after childbirth - so against it!

Panic after childbirth - so against it!

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You're all at home for the moment, and instead of or next to your immeasurable grit and happiness, you will suddenly have a panic: Are you right, so am I really responsible for this little human being now?

Panic after childbirth - so do it!

As the urn and then the days pass, the panic may subside, or it will cease, but it is not uncommon it remains relatively numerous, and about pious thoughts or deeds in its form can be an unobtrusive part of everyday life. " Zйtйny it was small, I woke up almost at night to see if it was breathing, even though we had a breath monitor, "she says Kata, who is expecting a baby girl for the second time with her two-year-old grandfather. "I didn't dare tell anyone what I was doing, nor did my brother. Because I was tired, everyone told me that I was born in the house, it wasn't more obvious I'm starting to calm downand I'm not getting up at night ten times, I only check my breathing routine when I go to bed or if I wake up anyway because I say I need to pee.It may also after a while I became so tired that I was unable to get up because of my fears, I don't know. Now, I am very confident that I will miss this dreadful period with my second child because it was not a very pleasant feeling when I was gently dying. "

The body and soul are up

Postpartum hormonal changes Eighty percent of the little kids keep it. Whoever gets tired of every little thing, who is unduly stressed, who sleeps all the time, and not even sleep - but it can also be a hormonal effect if you are hovering above the ground, babies are the most beautiful and most beautiful born in the world. Ten days after childbirth, hormonal effects and by the end of the sixth week is expected to drop significantly, or the worries of the early days are gone.Feel free to ask for help!
Although many things are possible during the infancy, in some cases you may need help. Request help immediately if ...
- If you feel like it, you want to do something for yourself or your baby.
- If your bad sensation does not decrease after the sixth week, it even gets stronger.
- If you have strange thoughts about yourself or about the baby, which you consider "crazy" to be crazy.
- If you are so overwhelmed by the dread that you are obstructing your daily life: you generally cannot sleep or eat, or you may get a regular panic attack.

What are you afraid of?

Whatever you expect the baby to be, the birth of a newborn fundamentally subverts your previous lives. Whether you like it or not, you are not completely independent: the two of you are bound by the common path for which you are responsible for one's life. For example, if your relationship with your brother was quite conflicting, it is conceivable that the second child, the "sibling", was giving you unexpectedly negative feelings. You may be worried about whether you can love them equally, but you may come up with a child of several, such that you are afraid, the rest will suppress them.

Face it!

You're in the mood articulate your desires the first step is to account for them. Write down on a piece of paper what you are holding. Try to find words why you don't have to be afraid or why you don't have to be so afraid of it. (In the above case, for example, Kata could have described how small the chances of a baby forgetting to breathe and having it checked are completely unnecessary, since the flare monitor is working. .) This of course does not eliminate the worry, but it does call attention to the fact that it is truly unfounded and the root, if any, must be sought elsewhere.

Speak roul!

You can help a lot if written on ears you will find it: like a baby girl in a row, your husband, or a good psychologist. But being silent is important not only to your transition peace of mind, but also to being the one to help you recognize when you need outside help. It is best to select someone you are trying to be very honest with. Ideally, your husband, but you might be your best friend or brother, or your protector. and tell them right away if they think you or your baby is worth it.

Get out of the wormhole!

And when you feel that the whole world is waiting for you to be happy, full of fear. You can easily fall into the mistake of getting bogged down: you don't accept sales, and you're not going anywhere to keep things clear. Isolation and self-help do not help or even make the situation worse. According to experts, the exact opposite is needed: move out, walk the fresh air with the little one as often as you can, and look for a companion mate. The baby can also help, as he knows best who has a similar baby in the vicinity and whether the nearby baby-mama club works.

Get started today!

With a few small tricks you can help yourself become calmer today:

Describe what you're afraid of!

The formulation of fears not only helped to make them easier to endure at the moment. If you put them off, you may find it less useful to stop taking breastfeeding for more serious conscience or other psychotherapeutic work after stopping breastfeeding.

Listen to the hydrocarbon!

The drastic fluctuations in your blood sugar level also have a major impact on your pet's condition. Try to eat regular but low glycemic index (slow-absorbing) carbohydrates as well as lots of white, green and fruit.

Try enough!

Breastfeeding removes a lot of fluids from the body, and in addition, this time your brain is easily deceived: you are often craving instead of thirst. If you suddenly have the urge to eat half a glass of chocolate, then quickly drink a large glass of water. If, after ten minutes, all your thoughts revolve around chocolate, then you can eat - a cube.

Take care of your vitamin burn!

The easiest thing to do is to choose from the recommended maternity vitamins by your doctor. These are just for you - and not just for your body, for your soul.

At ease!

Caucasus, but you can't say in advance that one of the most important things during your childhood is that you relax as much as you can. Ask for help with household chores, bring your lunch, and spend a lot of time with your grandparents and other relatives.Related articles:
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