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At what stage of your menstrual cycle is exercise most effective?

At what stage of your menstrual cycle is exercise most effective?

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So far, here's the first research to look at which phase of your menstrual cycle is most beneficial for a fitness training program.

When is the Most Effective Workout?

According to Umeå University staff, it is good to schedule more trainers in the first half of the cycle. request was not really raised, but apparently training is more effective in the first two weeks than in the second phase"says the research leader Lisbeth Wikstrцm-Frisйn, a fellow at Umeå University.The practitioner and his team examined 59 women every month who performed leg training exercises. The request was when the most effective exercise would depend on where the women were in their cycle. It turned out that in the first stage, women developed better their load capacity than their counterparts in the second stage. Whether or not women took a contraceptive pill did not affect the results.More sports articles in this topic:
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