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So talk to your child this fall!

So talk to your child this fall!

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September is finally here, hopefully we'll have a nice autumn, let's take advantage of the good time! If you love nature, you like to go out and it is important that you give your children this idea, go work with us!

Even if I'm just high school. In fact, then it is best to start. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that your child may not feel the hustle and bust of nature in the first twenty meters. It may be easy for you to believe in the expeditions and hysterics of the blood, and warp to the point, God forbid you want to accomplish the remainder of your life. However, you can easily avoid this and change your experience with a good mood family program if you are well prepared.

Family holiday in the fall

In fact, a tour activity sheet is somehow mission-critical to a simple excursion, so the children are happy and hysterical about it. Naturally, the tasks should be adapted to the child's age and knowledge. If you still can't read (and you need some creativity), you can also draw the tasks with drawings. I didn't need anything like that, so I just wrote them down, but believe me, it would have been much, much cooler for the drawing version. or signs of fatigue began to appear on them:
1. Draw the path symbol.
2. Get yourself a stick!
3. Collect some poor produce!
4. Collect light leaves!
5. Find a small stone!
6. Make a family photo print!
7. Find a funny cloud and tell what you think it looks like!
8. Find a birdcatcher!
9. Find a big tree with a mossy side!
10. Sing a song!
The benefit of doing these tasks is to help the least interested child and the least creative parenting combination look and explore. For example, it may be interesting to identify small acorns and oak trees, small forest flowers with the help of Small florets, but also, for example, mosses, meadows and fevers can be lost.
You assign a task with a sticker or red dots to complete each task, and if you complete the entire space, be very proud of it. And repeat over the next weekend!
What not to leave at home: Backpack, Elementia, Drinking, Instruments (for the task sheet), Photographers, Pouches (for birdwatching), Microscope (for bug test), Paper handkerchief, Bag (for bags).
I wish you a pleasant family chat! The author runs a popular blog called "Mysteries Blog", but you will also find it on Facebook