Can I go on holiday with a small child? How?

Can I go on holiday with a small child? How?

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Especially with the birth of the first child, parents are wondering where and how to go on vacations and what to expect when they go on holiday with their baby. Get tips on baby travel in our article!

Can I go on holiday with a small child? How?

Menjьnk? Don't we go?

With the right preparations, we can start off with our child indoors and outdoors. There are plenty of year-to-year tops where mothers share their experiences and ask how to organize a vacation with their little ones. Many people are brave enough to start with a few months old babies, and after the proper vaccinations are done, the brave parents also take a long time to read, think about what the baby's age can be counted on.As for all ages, it is the local pediatrician's office to clarify the reach of care. In the good case, we can track you back home, on the Internet, but at the very least, when you arrive for delivery, you are no worse than looking for a doctor because of a sudden fracture, but you can't find a doctor.

Baby friendly delivery?

The choice of delivery today is much more baby friendly hotel we can also choose between. If there is no other way to do this, it is also worth inquiring about feeding, nappies, playwrights, playgrounds when booking. If you choose a non-baby friendly accommodation, it is in our best interest to clarify before the booking how often families with small children will come to us, how much tolerance they may have for jumbo jumble and clutter. We definitely ask for information about the options available for feeding your baby: what kind of baby men are available, what kind of glassy baby food they can give their baby under one year of age. Based on the information, we can decide if we still carry something that the little one will surely eat.

Eat, don't eat, don't get paid?

If it's too hot, the little ones will become more impotent, just like adults - and many new things will distract us from eating. Let's not be surprised, either do not force every eater to eat. However, proper fluid intake is extremely important. If your baby is impotent, you should be particularly careful about the fluid being full. At 6 months, breast milk and, in the absence of it, the formula is the main food and drink for the baby. At that age, the amount consumed by the baby, but breastfeeding as desired, should not be a problem for the baby. It is hot, too, like the usual put on the breast more often the baby, or even the older ones who are breastfeeding, will be asked to breastfeed. After age one, give her another breast milk folyadйkot also: water, chilled greens, fruit juices. A special experience: if the baby's first drink is pure water, and only a little less than two to three months later we will be introduced to the fruit juices, then you will want to drink the water sooner! This is important because many toddlers can become so addicted to sugary sugary drinks that they are only willing to drink, and this can lead to obsolescence after a few years. air to consume them better. If you haven't eaten a piece of food yet, try not to eat it during your vacation, but in any case, it is worth making a careful decision before choosing a meal or baby menu. It is worth having a baby at home when you are away from home; in contrast, and the seller did not speak good English, we also showed each other in activity-based, animal-sounding terms, whether there was a cow in this baby, what kind of meat ... If the child eats things like adults Diets, because in the Mediterranean countries food can contain other types of bacteria that the child is accustomed to, which can lead to illness (vomiting, diarrhea). This can ruin an entire holiday. The pancakes, cakes, pancakes, confectioneries on the beaches are definitely not designed for baby bumps. These foods are too fatty, too spicy, so hard to digest. The body of a child under one year of age is not yet prepared for this type of nutrient. Such a sudden exertion can also lead to diarrhea of ​​vomiting.

Symptoms, treatment

We must be aware (at most positively disappointed) that some digestive system problem occurs during travel. (Of course, even those who stay at home!) Such is the case with
- sudden vomiting, diarrhea, which may be bloody,
- the baby feels sloppy,
- refuse to supplement the diet,
- shows signs of abdominal distension,
- cannot be soothed, anesthetized,
- sudden onset, occasionally high fever.When these symptoms occur, we need to start treatment and see a doctor.First baby from a small baby is worth weight, so we can track the fluid. For all ages, it is worth noting the number and amount of vomiting and diarrhea. We measure the temperature and, if necessary, dampen the fever. If your baby has been suffering from diarrhea or sudden diarrhea, the most important thing to do is to stop the flow of fluids. Also, if you have just a little urine break in infants and toddlers. When first symptoms occur, the following 4-6 urine rehydration fluids are recommended at 100ml / kg body weight. If this is the case, then the mother's milk or formula should be prepared with 10ml / kg body weight rehydration fluids. immune boosted in breast milkBecause of the high amount of probiotics, breastfeeding is a good idea to continue breastfeeding, which helps heal, and makes breast milk easier for your stomach. in the "Newsletter" and "Newsletter".Forrбs: Newsletter of the Hungarian Pediatricians Association on "Baby and Science"
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