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Keep it for the hell

Keep it for the hell

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Pregnant pregnant women are encouraged to take home exercises. Unless the physician forbids the exercise, do it regularly, gradually increasing the number of exercises, but never until fatigue.

Keep it for the hell

After the change 2-3 hours elapsed, empty stomach, comfortable suits. Rest between exercises, relax to keep your blood circulation cool.

Practice good posture by placing one hand on your stomach and the other on your buttocks.

Insert the belly and push the lumbar spine back, lowering the hips in the middle. In this posture, take a couple of strokes, combined with calm breathing and slow walking.

Learn how to move the bed stretch. Lie on your back and put a baby pillow under your head. Bend your knees, feet on the ground, arms resting against the body.

Insert the abdomen, with the bed section in the middle. Breathe in, then relax your waist and abdominal muscles, and breathe a good one. Carefully move the bed section out. You will practice these two movements rocking a few times.

Wait for a chair. With your forearms, lean on the narrow hips. Insert the belly and squeeze the tip of the stomach, the top of the bed section and the head.

Raise the head and flatten the bed section. With a swinging gesture, you practice homage and relief.

Stand upright, align the right toe with the spine.

Pull the board under your hands, lower your head. Repeat the exercise 3x-4x with the other feet. Protect yourself from sudden movements!

Rely on your hands and your knees. Slide in belly, slowly lift back and waist. Lower your head and exhale.

Straighten your spine, lift your head and breathe. Continue the exercise at a very slow pace.
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