H1N1 vaccination is safe

H1N1 vaccination is safe

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Tests are proven: vaccination against pregnant H1N1 virus is safe. With a small sign!

Do not be frightened, the conclusion concludes with those who have inoculated themselves.
At the time of the 2009 Law, countless health care systems in the country called for women to be vaccinated. Pregnancy vaccination can affect the mother, the fetus and the baby.

In Denmark, 53,432 infant examinations did not reveal any more than average health of the children of vaccinated mothers, nor did they show any age or low birth weight.

If it's okay to vaccinate, if it's not vaccinated, that's okay…

Another Canadian study found another result: among babies whose mothers received H1N1 vaccination during pregnancy, more than usual Guillain-Barre szindrуmбst talбltak.
Guillain-Barre syndrome is a disease of the nervous system. It causes numbness, sensation of ants, muscle weakness. Most patients recover completely in a few months. Very rarely, repentance and death. According to the study, two out of one million vaccinees suffered from this disease. The 1976 swine flu epidemic also saw an increase in the number of Guillain-Barre syndromes: 100,000 vaccinees per patient. However, when thinking about vaccination, it should also be borne in mind that influenza itself increases the incidence of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

I'm in one

- The risk of getting twenty-one years pregnant, pregnant, because of flu is three times the risk of getting someone the same age, but not pregnant - says dr. Mark C. Steinhoff, director of Cincinnati Children's Hospital. - And the baby will pay the price!
In the first six months, children are protected by the antibodies they receive from their mother. It is at this age that the effects of the flu are most dangerous, and serious events can be expected. The vaccine is the property of one: protecting the mother, the fetus, and the baby.
Jill Rabin, according to Long Island Jewish Medical Center, it's much more dangerous to have the flu than to get a vaccine.
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