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Pregnancy SymptomsThumbs, Headaches, and Wavy Moods

Pregnancy SymptomsThumbs, Headaches, and Wavy Moods

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There are women who show the first signs of pregnancy just a few weeks after conception, but there are also some who do not experience any of these.

Symptoms of pregnancy

It is also worth knowing these symptoms because can be inferred relatively early pregnancy, and you can start the necessary pregnant care as soon as possible. "My first pregnancy was full of tension in my breasts, there was no other early sign that I was pregnant. When I was expecting my second child, tense that they almost wanted to explode. For me, who used to drink milkcake nonstop before I smelled bad. my husband, that I have not experienced menstrual break even though I am quite sure of the other condition. it seems that not only women do not manifest themselves in the same way Symptoms of pregnancy, but not the same pregnancy.

The classic symptoms of pregnancy

THE menstrual discharge is clearly the most important sign of pregnancy, but you can be suspicious of it if you experience the following signs. These pregnancy symptoms do not develop in the same way;

Swollen breasts

In early pregnancy it is conceivable that a breasts swell, dry or tingling sensation begins, nipple more sensitiveand even burn. The reason for tension sensation is that pregnancy hormones increase blood flow in the breast. Feeling heavier and fuller, your bra may feel uncomfortable, pinched and pressed just where it was not. Shaping the breast to prepare for milk production. Shaping the breasts very early, two weeks after conception, but in most cases, those who complain of malignant breasts develop symptoms by the fourth week. As pregnancy progresses, as the body prepares for breastfeeding, hormones may cause darker tones in the nipple and periwinkle.

Color change of eye and vagina

As the pregnancy progresses, so does the other pink eyeshadow can change to a bluish-red color. This is due to the increase in blood volume in this area as well. Larger amounts of vaginal discharge may occur, which is completely natural and harmless to the baby. In the event that inflammation is detected or the head is infected, the desires will have an unpleasant odor and a strong color (whether green or gray), it is recommended that you do not - the use of intimate laundry, and does not require extra treatment, as it can make the skin more sensitive and irritable, and may upset the balance of natural bacteria. A clean cloth (even changing it several times a day) can improve our comfort.

Homicide with or without vomiting

The most common side effect of pregnancy is nausea, a it can begin three weeks after conception. About 80% of women experience morning sickness, but even in the daytime, there may be night sickness. The first three are the most typical of the month. The exact causes are unknown, but it is probably the elevated pregnancy hormones, HCG and estrogen, that are responsible. In many cases, smells and odors that previously did not bother us intensify and even a nasty, bad rain smell can cause nausea.

Increased urinary urgency

In the event that there has been no warm-up, the average daily fluid intake has not increased, since we are repeatedly peeing, which may be the first sign of pregnancy. as Nah, uhlike this press the bladder more,And this can cause frequent urinary stimuli.


Many women feel that way tired in early pregnancy. During the first few weeks, the progesterone hormone starts to flare up and it can cause drowsiness and fatigue. It's almost unbelievable, but your body is ready to support and energize your baby. It is not a surefire symptom of pregnancy, as we may feel fatigued at times, for example, in times of stress, but it is often accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and mood swings. And in the second trimester, we could be fitter than ever!

Food control or weight control

The It's a big deal in terms of turnover tapasztalhatу. Our nose can be more sensitive to odors, and we can feel metallic lips in our mouths. We may find ourselves overwhelmingly not wanting food (we may even be disgusted with it) in the past, but it may also be common for us to eat food that we have not been fond of before. All of these are caused by hormonal changes. Some research has proven that disgust is a type of defense mechanism for the female body against spoiled or bad foods, meaning the body "strikes" at baby protection.

Other symptoms of pregnancy

There are also pregnancy symptoms that are less known or unambiguous.
  • Slight bleeding
A few drops of blood or a tiny amount of brown, spotting bleeding may be a sign of pregnancy. Generally, conceiving is after 10-14. can appear on days and is much "lighter", shorter in duration, less than an average menstrual bleeding. Most of the time it is painless on the stomach and almost wholly available in the autumn. That's kind of bleeding fertilization of the fertilized egg into the uterus means.
  • Gцrcsцlйs
Less common but few women may experience mild, spanking pain in the uterus in early pregnancy.
  • Mood swings
It is very characteristic that it was much in the first period Women are more sensitive. One moment she is unusually lusty, the other laughs. Even in sudden mood changes, elevated hormones are also feverish.
  • Szйdьlйs
During pregnancy, the blood vessels expel and the blood pressure ducts. That's it can cause heartburn.
  • Szйkrekedйs
Hormonal changes can slow down the digestion and cause changes in the bowel system, which can lead to constipation. The increased you can also put pressure on your digestive system And it can also be a distraction.
  • Hхemelkedйs
It can be a relatively early sign of pregnancy if you wake up in the morning after waking up basic body temperature increase. Typically, you will have higher body temperature after ovulation.
  • Fejfбjбs
More women may complain that hormone changes have occurred during pregnancy migraine headacheyes, but there are also cases when a person who has been a former migrant has complaints about to disappear during pregnancy and absolutely no headaches.
  • Oops, bad spirits
You could even smile about it, but it is true that bad, disturbed dreams can come at night, and very often you can develop insanity. That is why the "habborg" hormones are also responsible.

Actual pregnancy

Thesethe symptoms listed do not occur in everyone, and not sure signs of pregnancy! In any case, if any of these symptoms are recognizable, it is advisable to have a quick pregnancy test at home. In the event that the test is positive - before you announce the big event to others - you should consult a specialist who can 100% diagnose your pregnancy by ultrasound. Related articles: