Unexpected DangersWhen you fail a lot

Unexpected DangersWhen you fail a lot

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There are times when we find ourselves in an unexpected situation. It shows you how to relive difficult moments.

On October 11, 2012, our baby boy, Marci, was born in Uriba, at 4970 grams and 59 inches. We have experienced all of our births, after a long struggle with a sparkler. But the birth of a new, wonderful life is worth all the pain.
Marci was two weeks old, and one day she began to fall for the others, letting go of her. Over time, everything in his tummy came back radially. With this, the pelus also cost less. You are getting better aggуdtamat first I thought breast milk could be a problem, so we tried to feed it with formula only. My son was calm, all the while, almost one evening, all of his little tummy was immediately radiated. We were both shocked here, we called it pediatrician. I told you the symptoms were neither smelly nor moody nor impermanent, only radiant vomiting. The pediatrician immediately thought of a disease and advised us to go to the hospital. All the pain caused by the scar ceased, the stingers directed me, and we immediately went to the car.
This evening, we have a children's clinic. The wound wound diagnosed the same on the basis of the symptoms, but an ultrasound was needed to confirm. Because everything's wrong with something, the ultrasound doctor was just there for another case, so we didn't have to wait until the next day. The doctors' suspicion was confirmed: Marc gastric output (pylorus stenosis), which usually develops in young boys at 4-6 weeks of age. The disease itself is the enlargement of the stomach and the intercostal muscle, which completely obstructs the passage of the diets above the intestine.
The disorder develops very quickly in just a few days, and if you don't fall in time, the baby can quickly become pregnant, which can lead to a full blown out and an ion household upset. Her tummy was completely filled with milk, so everything that came down her throat came back. Only help mыtйttel may be in this sickness. When I heard this, I became more and more upset, even though I knew that I needed to be strong now because the little one needed me. At night, Marci stayed in the hospital, we had to go home. The other day there were starved thieves too, just an urn, which seemed to be of great value. I was worried that everything would go well to wake up from dreaded anesthesia. After the surgery, the doctor reassured us that everything was going well, and that this problem does not worsen, and that this abnormality is most common in babies with strong and good muscles.
When we were out of intervention, I felt that everything was going to be fine now, I knew he was in good hands. I watched every little ranting whether he was hurt or bad, uncomfortable, but that йhsйg was the greatest khan to win. After several hours he was able to eat again in small portions. We were there next to him every day, many times we just watched him sleep awkwardly, and at times we knew he was good for him. We were back home three days later, and Marci filled the apartment with life again.

Unexpected hardships

A lot of things turned to my mind in a place like this New life they struggle to get healed and live a full life. I never thought I'd be there for the desperate moms who would give everything to the kids to not hurt or harm them. Every little one who was and was a real little warrior, much stronger, more persistent these babies than we grew up.
I would also like to share this case with other pregnant women because this is rendellenessйg develops in an instant and requires very rapid intervention. That is why I advise especially moms of 2-8 weeks old boys to pay attention to the failure, vomiting, loose pelus, and in the case of post-natal radiation, in case of vomiting, do not hesitate to go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
Rуth Hajnalka
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