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My mother had a baby A lightning fast birth story

My mother had a baby A lightning fast birth story

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Some people didn't plan on having a baby at home, even though things turned out to be the baby in the big room. And the mother-in-law became a mother-in-law.

My mother was a born baby

It was a big deal when it was suppressed. At half past one, I woke up to a quarrel because Timi wanted to drink milk, my brother brought him water and started to drink because of it. Then the number dropped:
"You're arguing here, and my stomach is tickling! NA!" - And I woke up to a glass of milk. I felt strange, thinking at once that I had bellywing because of the Pentecostal melon. Back to bed, but by the time I got comfortable, I had to go to the toilet again. After the fifth round, I realized this was going to be something else. I watched the owl. Buckles came in just three minutes. Well neee ... This is just going to be yummy, because it's not tired !! I set out, but I felt that the fetal water slipped. At that time, I was really hoping to be born today, but the next thing to come was my Niagara water spill. I panicked, dropped my luggage, and sprinted back. I threw down the pants and the panties, squeezed a cushion between my legs, and went to wake my husband to call the ambulance. Right on the toilet I sat on the toilet, the amniotic fluid was running, and I prayed that not now, not now…
My mother ran in and my brother talked to the ambulance dispatcher. The last time we asked where we were living ... As soon as my couple hung up, Zhufi's head turned and the rattle stopped. I stood up, holding my head with my hands, and in the midst of my mother sent her to bring all the turkeys, because we were born. The idea came to hold me back, but I told this kid to come out and he didn't care that there was no rescue ...
I went three meters into the room. I crouched on the French bed, and Zhufi slipped into a press. My grandmother waited for her to sit, pull her, and take out what was going to be lost in the bedroom. He didn't cry, just squeakedand blinked big. My mom hit her butt but didn't cry… , sooner the pediatrician said, she didn't cry because she came home, warm, not cold, the light of the blind.
There was no reason to cry… I was just cracking for two minutes and I was very, very good, absolutely not physically fast, light and painless. An unplanned, but quick and easy home birth can be explained to Zhufi from the first moment balanced, calm baby volt.
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