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Never say these 4 things to a pregnant mother

Never say these 4 things to a pregnant mother

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Is it more stressful this week as we wait for the baby to become pregnant? Surely it is! The requests that start with "You haven't always given birth to a baby?"

Never Tell These 4 Things To A Pregnant MomWhen everyone remarks that baby comes to the world when she wants to! With that in mind, there are things that are better not to tell pregnant women.

Don't ask about dates

I will probably be in town this time and then because I have to do a few things. Do you think you will have your baby by then? If you don't want the answer: Wait a minute, check your baby's Google Calendar and give you feedback, okay? we would rather not make such requests.

Don't worry when your baby is born

We may think it is very laborious to give in to the orphanages when the baby is born, but we have a great time. The author of The Bump recalled that her mother's masseur had told her that her baby had been born 10 days earlier, which was right, but this is what brought her to her mother in the last weeks of her pregnancy.

Don't share baby tricks with him

Unless your mother asks you if we don't have some super practice to give birth to your baby, don't give her a recipe for bomb-proof spicy eggplants that are sure to lure your baby.

Do not promise that you will immediately give birth when you are having a baby

There is an unwarranted obligation on a little baby to inform relatives and friends that they are on their way to the hospital because the baby is coming. In this case, a little baby has a bigger problem, so don't expect to call half the circle of acquaintance. And don't forget that we're not the only ones who welcome the little newcomer of the new year. Prospective parents are sure to be excited that a lot of people are expecting a little outside of them, but first let them have some time to have the baby. When everyone is ready to introduce their baby, they will definitely give birth (VIA)Related links: