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Express cleaning tips

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We have a couple of ideas to get you a little flat, and you don't have to carry dust all day after you, baby, child on your arm.

Get to the stopwatch!

Cleaning a whole home is a minimum of a day job, and doing it for a baby is almost impossible. In this case, remember the saying: many little goes a lot! Take out the kitchen timer or your mobile phone's stopwatch and set it for 15 minutes. This is the time when even the youngest child can take up, and you will be more enthusiastic about tidying up if you know it only takes a couple of minutes of your time.
Divide your apartment into quadrangular blocks and check out two to three sections a day - make sure that all your quarters will be listed at least once per week.

Cleaning is not a small challenge for a child

Leave it full!

Perfect excess, housewife and newlywed mom in one person are only found in the series entitled "Born excesses". Women tend to compete with each other for no reason, but they can cope with many tasks, even though parenting itself is a huge challenge.
Baby now needs more than furniture for a porter, so you don't have to shine or blink in your home. Quite enough, if you can cruise around on the floor with little safety, you don't have to worry about being attacked by a cartilage.

Get rid of the chaos!

Clutter attracts even more clutter, so you're better off not letting the chaos dominate your home. After breakfast, rinse the fork and the fork at once, so much less dirt will accumulate at the end of the day in the sink.
If you are projecting something off the counter, get it off quickly, don't wait to get there and scream better. Get a better dehumidifier so your guests bring less dirt into the apartment and save a couple of rinses. Alternatively, you can introduce the fact that you generally do not walk into your home with shoes, thereby completely minimizing the amount of dirt entering from outside.

Turn in a little!

Believe me, they did the job much faster than if the little one (to demand your attention) was "working against you". You can either ask the toddler to pack his toys or press a microfiber towel in his hand to follow him in the apartment.
Give them a bag to wipe away all the trash in the apartment, but you can also help in the bathroom: while you're fighting the water, you can scrub your tile or shower with an old toothbrush.


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