Do you find ideal cork?

Do you find ideal cork?

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Is there any kind of crazy bullshit? Is it better to have children one after the other or to wait for years? Moms tell about their experiences.

Do you find ideal cork?

It is widely believed that it is better for a first-born child to be born to a smaller sibling within just one or two years, or to wait for her to begin to wean. And which solution is better for parents? Does your mother give birth to multiple children quickly if she has lost her job at all, or if she has to go back to childbirth for years?

It was a difficult start

Йva her children were born with a different age. "We designed the kids, and there was no request that we want a second second after my baby's birth. We may be lucky because they came exactly the way we planned. they were fat, and my baby and my newborn baby were diapered at the same time, and I fed one of them almost uninterrupted. between the kids. I missed three years of work, and they almost grew up together, "Йva says.

Every child needs a turkey

Anita her daughter is fourteen, sons three and one year old. "I thought how good it would be for my daughter to help with the care of the little ones. From the first son, the magic of novelty had worked, she was babysitting, diapering, feeding her baby. adolescence has begun vigorously, my friends and my friends have enjoyed the first place. In my experience, there is no such thing. The child always needs attention. My third year is diapering almost constantly; I can listen to any of the three mother-in-law of any mother on the ground, but worth the fatigue - arabza Anita.

Twins easier

Kata raising twins. "The first two years of the year were very hard, I barely rested, because one of the children had to be dealt with at all times. They do everything together. Five years later, when I have things to do, I can leave them home to a few people because they look out for one another.

Does the shop count?

Enikх two-handed and half-full body szьlettek. "Laura seven years old, relaxed and very balanced, he can be a little cool, sometimes Evelin is just the opposite, an agile, tufted baby. They have a relationship with you and without you. When they play together, the bloodsheds give rise to a debate sooner or later, and if they have to go outside, they can hardly wait to be together again. I'm expecting my third child, 1 will be higher in age. The girls are excited that they are small brothers. We'll see how we get on with it tomorrow, says Enik.

There is no morality

Krisztina among his sons is more than eleven years of age. "Bence he was very crazy when he learned he was born to his brother. We talked a lot, and I took it with me to get pregnant. Naturally, after the birth of her father, she did not help so much, but it is certain that virginity never developed between them. They are also good at checking out the great age. Of course, sometimes there are disputes between them, but this is less. Peti he is extremely proud of his staff and often listens to me more than me. It is also a great relief to be able to hire Bence any time, so we don't need a baiter, says Kriszta. Is there any ideal age? Based on the reports, decide for yourself…Related articles in cork:
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