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"Dangers of Repetitive Birth" have expelled my mother

"Dangers of Repetitive Birth" have expelled my mother

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She will probably be born again, so a pregnant woman can't work for a government body anymore. A mother of a mother.

"Dangers of Repetitive Birth" have expelled my motherBecause of his "recurring birth risk", he did not extend his contract with a little mother to a national government body. According to her bosses, she did a good job and no longer employed her. After she "went to give birth" during her legal relationship, she was no longer employed - her mother's lawsuit turned to the Hungarian Helsinki Commission. The civil rights organization changed its name, under the protection of his client, and did not name his workplace. Durra has been working for a government agency since 2015, extending her annual contract with another year, but she has given birth to a kid. The mother was pregnant and had already asked for an extension. According to the official justification, she did not fulfill the conditions of the internship program. However, his previous translators were outstanding, and his masters did not make any ex post accountable terms. He applied for a trainee job a few days later, but was unsuccessful. When asked why she was working, a member of the labor department said she was ready to give birth again. A former colleague later confirmed that it was "risk of repeated birth" reason for rejectionThere are two mothers-to-be who are pregnant, and they just did. The three male trainees who worked with him stayed in position, All female employees have been terminated.Durah's former workplace terminated her health insurance, faced a hospital manager with no record of being entitled.In a lawsuit, Durra asked her to pay her former salary.Tуth Balzzs, a lawyer for the Hungarian Helsinki Commission, said it was illegal to use fixed-term contracts, since Dura's relationship must be considered to be indefinitely indefinite. And it is unacceptable in all respects that a woman should not be employed because of her potential future employment. he seriously violated the requirement of equal treatmentWhen fйrfi kollйgбihoz kйpest brought hбtrбnyos position nхi munkavбllalуjбt the szьlйse йs anyasбga by miatt.Az ьgyvйd the бllam beszйl nйpessйgfogyбsrуl much csalбdvйdelemrхl, babavбrу tбmogatбsrуl the nхk kцtelessйgйrхl but sajбt hбza tбjбn would tennivalуja that szьlх nхket йs not kismamбkat Write it down.
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