Children's books are inspired by a cookbook

Children's books are inspired by a cookbook

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Religious publishers are distributing a book in Hungary that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to beat your child.

Children's books are inspired by a cookbook

The book Kay Kuzma American author The first 7 years of the Parenting Advice on Children's Parenting, in one chapter, gives detailed technical advice to parents on how to beat their children. This article was published on and Szily Labszlou There is a book and a trace of the religious editions that distribute it.
- the beating should always be reported as spitting
- occasionally do not hit your head three times and always tell your child that you will hit her many times. Why exactly three times? "If we announce how much it will be, it will help us control ourselves." - The book says.
- In all cases, beat the child
- Do not use wooden spoons
- Beat the child between the ages of 2-7 (do not beat the younger or older, do not beat the younger 2 years, because it will not remember)
- Give each of the sacrifices an instant love after each beat. The book is distributed by Advent Publishing. Head of the publishing house Zsuzsa Kergely Egerverrin, told that Kay Kuzma is a fantastic woman, and that the Holy One tells you not to shrug off your boy. In his further inquiries to the Bible, he said that the "breathtaking" "whole" of the book, "and many times warned that the Bible contained that bodily harm was allowed. principle or slavery, but In Hungary, child punishment is a crime. This was disputed by the head of the Eight Steps Foundation, a member of Vita Plaza Ltd., a publisher of the book. More than half of Hungarian adults say slaps and spanking do not, according to a representative national survey last year. At the same time, beating, as a general rule, is punishable by the great majority of Hungarians.
- The beat is back in fashion again and again
- Don't turn your head!


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