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The face of motherhood

The face of motherhood

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The face of motherhood

Let's face it, being a mother is bullshit. It would be just to be a single mother. But he will.

Aly Brothers is a 22 year old single mom with two kids. The 3-year-old Bentley and the 20-month-old Levi are adorable, but they can do some pretty bad things. But this phenomenon does not need to be presented, and all parents are aware of it. There are better and some worse days in a family life. A couple of weeks for these 22-year-olds has been one of the worst, most difficult days when your kids couldn't hold back on their weight.You had to jump in for a totally average morning to the shop. However, the kids didn't seem to have the mood for it, Levi didn't want to stay in the shopping cart, started throwing shoes and her mother's money. Meanwhile, the older child, Bentley, was rushing forward, opening the doors of the freezer. At this point, the mother held on to herself, she knew that there was one, when the children did not behave like a little angel. Here the boys mingled with a balloon, and the circled lions began to hang out. Then an older wizard whispered that this girl seemed far too young to have two children. It was at that time that the toy was broken. "I was sitting in the car, grabbing the steering wheel and crying," Bentley, the older kid, asked why he was sad, so his mother explained to him that they didn't behave well in the store, and people had little opinion. and he said, "Mom, I want you to be happy." She then made a photo that always reminds her of one of the most wonderful moments of her life on one of the worst days of the day. She also shared it on Facebook with the message that no one should know anything, йletьkrхl. "This is maternity. There are no fashionable filters, no good illumination, no new lipstick. My hair is wet due to the rain, my face still has traces of my makeup that I have drooled over, and of course."

Aly Brothers, Facebook

She went on to say that it is difficult to be a mother, to be a single mother. "They don't know me. I don't know what kind of mother I am. They don't even know my kids. People have no idea I've been dating before we've had children born. I don't even know I left my baby because I left him so I knew he would not be a lonely mother, "he said. Sometimes he keeps himself, sometimes he falls down. But he knows the harder days are gone, the tears are gone, the fight is over, and his children are growing up. And it will be awfully difficult. "So if you see a hysterical child and a mother who always thinks of herself ... Please, tell her something good. Don't come. You are strong and you are doing well. "The post was shared by more than 15,000 and well over 5,000 comments.