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Don't start your diet tomorrow!

Don't start your diet tomorrow!

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Why do you always procrastinate? Why do you make new and newer dates instead of going in today? Dr. Lukács Liza, a specialist psychologist, gives the answers.

(Photo: Dr. Lukács Liza)
Body dysfunction is not only a phenomenon found in people who are lean and anorexic, but it can also be experienced in overweight. Its essence is that body image is part of the body: the way we feel in our skin (for example, someone feels big on the belly, but the outsider doesn't think so), the other thing we think of ourselves. For those who are underdeveloped in body image (body awareness) and self-image (do not know enough self-consciousness), it is characteristic that these two aspects (how I feel and what I think of myself) are distinct from one another.
The result of this is that in the mirror (which is a subjective image) I will not see reality. At the same time, the photographic machine (which in turn gives an objective image) - often painfully - confronts the currency.
In the background of uncertain body image and image, there is parental (and increasingly social) uncertainty. If parents are not aware of their own values, abilities, needs, then there is little certainty that they will raise children with well-known, confident, realistic image.
Very often, I hear a mother say, in relation to eating, in other areas of life (conflict management, reassurance, etc.) that "I do not go, but I raise my child to be like that". You have to forget very quickly that this is possible! Credibility is paramount in parenting. There are countless examples, both in the literature and in everyday practice, that if the parent says something contrary to what he or she has done, then the child will consider the latter as a valid pattern.

What is the Best Time to Get Overweight During Pregnancy?

- I hear a lot of young women (often speaking to one another) say that "you will work on your body weight after childbirth (or breastfeeding)." It's much the same procrastination as if you always start living in New York on a Monday in the spring. The main reason for this is that they realize that they will not be able to eat this or that, then or this, this or that. Therefore, it is not the date set here that is the relevant time, but the time that has elapsed so far, that is, "it may be still, but not afterwards".
Anyone who wants to start losing weight, forget about the whole thing, and don't want to be richer, because it will only continue to ruin your progress and no one needs it. For one thing: life saves, if you do, that means we will eat as much as we need biologically (no more, but no less!), So we will not starve! besides we will not be suffering from spiritual deficiencies with the meal, but we will get them from the right source (this is the bigger task).
So we don't have to worry about how bad it will be if we can't eat five slices of bread, just two, because we won't even need it. But this "I do not believe" will come to fruition only if all the psychological ills that we have eaten so far are now filled with their true content.

If you are hungry, live alone! It just doesn't matter what

Here, too, what's on our minds about this whole process plays a role: if we think of it as a bitter, full-bodied turn, where we have to give up on our favorites, we're going to postpone it. But if I consider it a challenge and want to experience myself as an active middleman for my development, I can't wait to get started, and the best time is right now.
Psychology has a history of seven species, obesity and mental problems of evasion, the development of proper motivation, and the importance of relationships in weight loss. Lukács Liza From the Table… Eating Disorders and Relationship Problems in the Book of Letters.
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