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Why is it important to have a spiritual cord?

Why is it important to have a spiritual cord?

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What does it help to give birth? For our readers, the spiritual linguist made the difficult minutes magical.

I have always been interested in psychology, and during my university years, I came across this method and read Raffai Jen and Hidas Gyцrgy this is you Spiritual linguist cнmы book.
I was expecting my second child a couple of years later when I was in Szekesfehervar Szilvi the Great Kalmber started the first group therapy on an experimental basis, ie maternal-fetal relationship analysis - to which I applied on the spot. We were the ones who carried our sons under our hearts for a couple of weeks - a good small team grew, we spent a lot of fun, wonder and wonderful life together over the weeks.
In group therapy, it is important to have great simultaneous expectancies and not change the composition of the team, as they can only build one-on-one relationships. , we talked about our fears, our requests). To man at every stage of his life You have to get back on your own - It is also extremely important to accept yourself during pregnancy, because now you are both in a perfect state of being and being. During the sessions we moved closer and closer to ourselves and our baby.
The second half of your lord a baby have contact information szуlt. It's hard to tell, something so elusive, intimate, and almost unbelievable. For the most part, I just asked: Is this really working now? What is this elusive sensation? In the relaxation state, you imagine that you will come down to your womb, stroke it, gaze at your baby, talk to it, answer it, almost feel it, see it, and sometimes you just love

Get close to your baby right before birth!

When you return to the world with only a few light eyes: what was that now? What is it? You made it? Maybe you just figured it out? Images often have meaning, messages that we discussed after contacting, we thought about it, took them home…
It was fantastic to live out our own birth life… You had to share these with each other and I will never forget when all of our little babies were very active and each had at least some similarities in each of them. Before birth, when the group activities were over, I received a brief presentation from each of my co-workers, which was also very sensible and well spent until birth.
From week 37, I have participated nine more times in chat. This section is a baby release szуlt. I was always excited about the lords, and in an interesting way my baby taught me something again and again, before he went out - clearly for patience. I was really looking forward to the day when my little boy Bendegz was out, and that morning when he started giving birth and the wonderful birth itself ... I had no doubt that this method would work!
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