10 things you shouldn't tell your kid

10 things you shouldn't tell your kid

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You don't use fashionable twists like "Wait until your father comes home" or maybe "Wow you are like your mother"?

Well, this is good news, but there are still a few less public expressions that you might want to avoid if you want to be a good parent. We'll show you what they are!

1. It was great!

Research has proven that they are generic terms such as. the "you baby", or that "this is how to do it", "they make children". In time, they will not want to do well because of their own motivation, but because they want to meet their parents - says Jenn Berman pszicholуgus. First of all, if you only praise a child if he or she is doing something extraordinary, in other cases, just stick to praise.

2. Practice makes perfect

This wisdom carries with it the message that the child is mistaken for not working too hard - Joel Fish Professor. The technician has met a number of children who simply do not understand what is wrong with them, as they are just practicing and practicing and not being the best. This incentive seems to be not the best.

There are things you better not tell the kid

3. All right

For example, if our child scratches the knee and exposes it, we tend to pretend not to be a big deal, even though we say: "all right, all right, no brains" we just want to make you feel worse. "Your child is crying because he is really a head and nothing is wrong," he says. Dr. Berman. Don't diminish your fears, rather take it and say "yes, it was a big rain." If necessary, go double or just kiss the wound.

4. Hurry up!

Linda Acredolo Professor нrу says "Hurry up" is more motivating for a kid than if you say: "Hurry up". Obviously you're back because they're just playing breakfast, but instead of rushing, you better find a game, let's compete, who can get up sooner!

5. I'm consuming

Diйtбzol? You don't have to wrap your nose! If your child sees and hears that you complain about your weight on the balance every day, you may develop a distorted body image - stops Marc S. Jacobson Professor. The "i have to train" expression is also damaging to you, rather say "time is good, I'm going, I'm spending a big time". - He'll definitely join you.

6. We cannot afford this

This expression can easily run out when your child begs you to buy him or her the latest toy. But this sentence suggests that you are not in control of your financial situation, which can be scary - he says Jayne Pearl нrу. Instead, explain to him that you can't get the game because you are putting money into more useful things.

7. Don't be strangers to strangers!

It is easy for a good councilor to sit back, just as a police officer or a firefighter is alien. Then should the child not be in trouble with us? Rather teach them wisely - he advises Nancy McBride, director of one of the missing children's organizations. Explain to him, for example, that if you want to travel with a man or want to go home, call you right away.

8. Be careful!

Are you just climbing up to something? This simple lift can lightly tilt the balance and, oops, it has fallen off. If you are afraid, you should go near it in case of trouble, but do not use the above sentence, as you are just doing it to confuse him / her - Deborah Carlisle Solomon szerzх.

9. There is no dessert until you eat your dinner

David Ludwig doctor, professor, says that this statement, which is often spoken, can please the child as well. Let's say it first: we cook the food first and then the dessert.

10. Let me help you

It is only natural that you want to help her with the tower tiling or the puzzle, but don't! Or at least not too early. All you have to do is count on the help of others - he says Myrna Shure pszicholуgus. Rather ask: "What do you think? This little piece is down here? Check it out!" You can read the original article here!These will also be interesting:
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