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Programajбnlу children's day

Programajбnlу children's day

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Didn't anyone forget that Sunday was a child's day? Programs will definitely not have a shortage…

Children's Day at Várrosliget organized by the International Children's Rescue Service - Free!

Kolompos Ensemble, Golden Chamber Theater, Trampoline Theater, Rhapsody Theater, Coffee Band. Presentation of nations' gastronomy and culture (dance-music). Children's Dental Films with Face Paint and Lots of Gifts. Secure Internet Program: Calculus and quizzes, quizzes, advised lectures. Horseback riding show, free horse show, showcasing horses with the "whispering method". Children's Soccer Cup Championship for elementary school students. Developmental Games (0-3 for Ages), Traffic Signs (fun and entertaining demonstration of safe, behavioral transport for 4-10 year olds). Folk music, dog show, traditional handicraft, face painting, balloon folding, fair. (Opportunity for parents and advice on crafts, information.)
2012-05-26-27, Saturday-Sunday
Vбrosliget (1146 Budapest)

Ferencváros Pentecostal Holiday - Folding Puppet Workshop (12 Years Old)

From eastern shapes to wayangon to bunraku, character sculpture, painting, tailoring and performance. Workshop: Ilona Németh Puppy Designer.
5/26/2012, Saturday 3:30 PM
Stъdiу K Sznhzaz (1092 Budapest, 32 Rabday Street) in the street, in the frame of the Ferencváros Penský Blessed Virgin Holiday (Ráday Street - Bible Midnight)

Children's Day Cavalry - Free

Point-collecting games, yoga, crafts and presentations, costumers, "all-around mills"; basketball swing, rocking, apple concert, dance hall and dance show (colompos, starfish), fairy tales (king kacor, the three little pigs), musical fairy tales (restless dude, british musicians, british musicians).
5/27/2012, Sun, 10 am-6pm
Millenbris (1024 Budapest, Kis Rуkus u. 16-20), in the park or in the rain in the shop

Hvv the Danube - Mernts on the Dunboul! - free family event!

elхidйzett Vнzipisztollyal mini бrvнz, lбtvбnyos hidrolуgiai- йs physical kнsйrletek, makettezйs, vaktйrkйp, kvнzjбtйkok йs kйzmыves foglalkozбsok (йpьlettervezйs, vбgбs, ragasztбs, rajzolбs, szнnezйs, szelektнv hulladйkbуl, pйldбul papнrdobozokbуl makettkйszнtйs) ajбndйkok. Presentation of diets on the Danube's life, the popularity of Margaret Island (eg: Water Tower, Alfride Hajus Swimming Pool) and its functions.
5/27/2012, Sun, 10 am-5pm
Holdudvar (Margaret Island, 13th district, Budapest, Casino building)

Children's Day in the Zsolnay District of Pecs organized by the Kanga Association

Adventure Adventure Games, Fun Games, Animal Fun, Tastebase, Fire & Police Car Show, Game & Book Review and Lots of Surprises! Plus the usual exhibitions, cocoa bars, chocolate and sugar shops, street balls, jockeys, a doll museum!
5/26/2018, Sat 10am - 4:30 pm
Zsolnay Quarter (7630 Pécs, 37 Zsolnay Vilmos Street)


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