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Toddlers need at least 3 hours of physical activity

Toddlers need at least 3 hours of physical activity

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Although it may seem like your child is constantly moving - and you have to keep running afterwards - but professionals still fear that toddlers are not active enough, or they spend too much time with babies.

Let's play! - Toddlers need at least 3 hours of physical activity a dayAnd this can also affect the lives of the younger ones, as they tend to develop bad habits in young children. Why do you need at least 3 hours of exercise a day for toddlers?

60 minutes of energetic play

According to a recent Canadian study, a toddler between the ages of 1 and 4 requires at least 180 minutes of physical activity per day, and, according to previous recommendations, 60 minutes of this is to be spent on energy, Introduced for young children too. According to research experts, older children still need more energetic play. For young children, energetic games can be fun activities such as running, dancing, or playing outdoors, but in high school, this can also mean jumping, jumping, and biking.

Moving instead of screen time

A study by Ottawa Children's Hospital, a Canadian Physical Activity Society, and a nonprofit Society of ParticipAction draws attention to the important role physical activity plays in today as more and more children become older. It is recommended that children spend time outdoors instead of playing games in the home, and it is recommended to replace the active part of a stroller or a large part of the time spent in front of the screen. According to experts, in addition to the need for sleep, the children who make these changes can be healthier now and in the future.

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And active outdoor play time not only physically benefits the little ones, but it also has a fun effect on their brains and spirits. And many parents agree that there is an added benefit to running loungers in the park: having at least the same amount of relaxation at home will keep you energetic.

We can also move the baby

A healthy, physically active life can be established even before your child reaches toddler age. Infants and toddlers also need some physical activity: if a baby younger than 1 year old is able to turn on his stomach, it is worth putting on a toy half a day to move his / her arm, " According to experts, this is a good opportunity to lay the foundations for a healthy life.

What does a toddler play?

The 180 minutes of physical activity a day should be split between lighter and more energetic games, some of which are worth the outdoors, and one part of the house for the little ones. Easier movement can be walking, rolling, less exercise, while energetic activity is running, jumping, cycling, or water play. Easier activities:- setting up
- walk around the house
- Outdoor Walk
- less energetic gamesEnergetic players:- more active games (eg bъjуcska)
- running outdoors
- jumping on a trampoline
- cycling
- tбnc
- Come on
- waking
- gymnastics
- jumping
  • Jumping makes you smarter
  • Get moving every day!
  • Real pleasure is movement