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I can always read!

I can always read!

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Are you a hard first mom? All the credit to you for what you accomplished in the first weeks of September! Now, let's help you keep your head on Christmas or more on Easter! Again here on the mber i can read series!

M Like a Monkey - If parents love to read, they can't wait for their child to die the same miracle soon

A little explanation for someone who did not have their first child, why is the recognition. In this case vбr anyбra the discs, pбlcikбk, the logical kйszlet the uzsonnбscsomag, the indoor cipх the vйcйpapнr, beszerzйse the papнrzsebkendх packages, ceruzбk йs mбs school supplies megjelцlйse indoors йs belongings at home at listбjбnak megjegyzйse, fьzetcsomagolбs, kцnyvcsomagolбs, vignettбzбs, ebйdbefizetйs, and then resignation from the first illness, parenting meeting, dumbing down the school's house rules, and icing on the cake: extracting and arranging the letter cards in the pockets of the different. After that, the fried baby will breathe a little. So far the school has tested only five of them to see if it can do the above. From now on, however, the lurk is also amazed. There are tasks, letter writing, getting to know the numbers, and playing the flute together, which you didn't want to cook or listen to! You would be a bit of a success!

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If parents love to read, they can hardly expect their child to experience the same miracle soon. Some people are the first to start reading in the first place. Most of us overlook the larger brother and ask me which letters are which. Some people get worried about their parents. Sometimes he does not worry, he only inferes little information. And, unfortunately, there is one that parents teach you ahead of time to prevent your child from falling behind… The average kid who starts reading first is mostly the second person in the school who knows everything. This is not easy reading, but you will surely be happy to have a child if he has his own book that he can read. It's important for her to find something and an easy-to-read book that will not distract you from reading, indeed!

Series point for them

It was like that…

There was once a little girl who, besides being as thin as a worm, was already sick. It was very good for two reasons. One is that he did not have to go to school and study, and because he did not go to school. (The relationship with arithmetic hasn't changed much in the last 30 years.) Another reason is that there was a children's library next to a pediatrician's office, and a bookstore back home on every corner of Csanbdy Street. And every patient had a good time to choose a book to read before he could go to school again. The first favorites of the I can read! series members. I just got him! Slim book, short chapters, hilarious drawings, and most importantly: big letters! So it was very quick to finish a story and point out to the nurse: I've read it! I just remembered all this, a Rigu a fn, the I won't be your granddaughter!, the Gilly the fish, the But the armchair can really fly!, the Rikki-tikki-tйvi And many more books in the series. Are you sick so much? Unfortunately, there are none at all ...

… this is how it turned out!

What do today's first-timers and second-graders care about? It's just not possible to watch Father's Day all day! I searched and found them. Yes, here are the old treasures, the Murray Issue has taken them back, in a new edition, but with the distinctive ubbomb series! Although only four have appeared so far, let's make sure everyone's favorite is once in a while. I already won! Here's the Riki-tiki-tévi!
Hint: If your kid doesn't really like reading, ask someone you really like to practice with Ildikу Meixner: I can read too! cнmы worksheets. Rarely does the parent succeed in becoming a tutor, since stuttering and then fiddling are easy. An adult friend or a patient older brother is much more likely to become. And you have something to do with it, don't you? If you feel that your child is having trouble starting, suspecting a learning problem, talk to your classmates or consult a professional! By just sitting back and doing your homework, you're not going to do anything but get crazy.