Savings of more than 50 billion HUF on baby bonds

Savings of more than 50 billion HUF on baby bonds

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The popularity of the Baby Bond is unchanged, with savings reaching $ 50 billion in November - Miha Varga told MTI on Wednesday.

Savings of more than 50 billion HUF on baby bonds The Finance Minister emphasized this Growth above 30 percent as of last year's $ 38 billion. The current interest rate on the baby loan is 5.4 percent, the money is young Can be picked up and used by anyone over the age of 18.The pйnzьgyminiszter kцzцlte the Babakцtvйny the legbiztonsбgosabb the legegyszerыbb йs tartуsan one of the highest hozamъ befektetйsi lehetхsйg those who care szeretnйnek kцrьltekintхen йs hosszъ tбvon jцvхjйrхl.Elmondta children, the most important kormбny cйlja the child nevelх csalбdok tбmogatбsa that the 2010 уta adуkedvezmйnyek rendszerйtхl starting with a myriad of interventions through the Home Creation Program. We also see that more and more people are planning to invest in the long term to make it easier for children to start their adult lives - said Mihaby Varga As a result, more than 160,000 numbers have been opened for the children, the Finance Minister added. The outstanding high yield of the bond is due to the fact that the interest rate for each year is the inflation of the previous year plus 3 percent. For example, with the exception of the first series, the current interest rate on all Baby Bills is currently 5.4 percent. The above three garantбltan inflбciу szбzalйkos reбlhozam lйnyegesen higher than the legtцbb hasonlу, child йletkezdйsйt tбmogatу pйnzpiaci megtakarнtбs.Kifejtette, Start-йrtйkpapнrszбmlбra of HUF 42 500 йletkezdйsi tбmogatбson tъl tovбbbi egyйni befizetйsekkel akбr tцbb HUF milliу also цsszegyыjthet the csalбd since the бllam 10 percent of the payments, up to a maximum of 6 thousand HUF, also provide support. Due to the non-meglepх kiemelkedх kamatozбs to carry бt children megtakarнtбsait the Hungarian Бllamkincstбrhoz tцbben ever since it resulted in start-йrtйkpapнrszбmlбn be laid fйlretett йletkezdйsйre children цsszegeket Babakцtvйnybe - rб showed the child tбrcavezetх.A Babakцtvйny 18 йletйvйnek betцltйse megvбsбrolhatу bбrmikor napjбig and the amount of Dollar Bills corresponding to the amount deposited will be immediately credited to the Treasury by the Hungarian Treasury. Only the child can dispose of the account, you can use the savings for anything after the big age choice. The amount you can add is tax-free, free-of-charge, and tax-free, said Mihбly Varga.
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