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Reflux can also cause frequent respiratory illnesses in infants

Reflux can also cause frequent respiratory illnesses in infants

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In families with multiple children, it is often the case that older brothers and sisters from school and school have a history of infecting the baby. However, if the ntha is repeated frequently, there may be reflux in the background.

In the case of reflux, the gastric and duodenal contents mixed with gastric acid and digestive fluid are returned to the esophagus. This phenomenon also occurs in healthy infants after a release, in which case they get rid of the "excess" in a lousy form - explains dr. Balogh БdбmAllergy Center of the Buda Allergy Center, allergy specialist. This does not necessarily indicate a problem in all cases, but it can also be caused by the baby consuming more at one time or by hurrying to live well quickly. However, if there is indeed reflux in the background of frequent crashes, it is important to recognize and treat it as soon as possible, otherwise serious events may occur!Snooz, restless baby: Reflux can be

Causes of inflammation

Such a possible event could be a frequent respiratory complaints jelentkezйse. Refluxing stomach contents can irritate not only the esophagus but also the esophagus and the respiratory tract and can cause inflammation in the sensitive mucosa of the mucosa. This may also indicate that reflux babies are more likely to have upper respiratory illnesses. Nasal congestion, urticaria, recurrent cough and superficial infections may occur, with occasional respiratory failure.

What are the symptoms of reflux?

Because of the underdeveloped digestive system of infants tiny babies have frequent falls after meals. Treat your condition immediately, if it occurs frequently, the symptoms are more severe, says dr. Balogh Бdбm. It can be a warning sign if the baby is frequently hiccups, wheezing, whooping cough or belching, and may also develop a strong smell of milk. Return of stomach acid to the esophagus can cause inflammation of the affected area in a short period of time, which may cause the baby to experience swallowing pain. Because of the pain the baby is restless, sleeps poorly, may refuse to eat. It can be a sign of reflux when you often back the neck and back because it opens the spinal cord, which relieves discomfort. With frequent falls and vomiting, reflux can be a symptom of severe weight loss.

Early diagnosis can prevent these events

If we recognize the symptoms and seek medical attention in a timely manner, we can examine the reflux and treat the disease before the more severe events. It can help a lot if you feed the baby several times a day, in smaller portions, several times longer, and lift the head slightly. You can also reduce the number of losers by replacing the diet or by adding a strainer to it or to breast milk. Good news is that the complaints are mostly around the age of about half a year - with the advancement of the digestive system, the introduction of solid diets, and the shifting of small movements (over time). In the meantime, however, it is necessary to treat the disease in order to prevent rare events such as loss of weight, throat throat Source: Buda Allergy CenterYou may also be interested in:
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