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Let's go to the company!

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There are a number of reasons why your child can be retreated and play alone: ​​it may be by nature, but it may have upset a previous affliction and has lost the baby. Let's try to unravel your special reason!

Let's go to the company!

Of course, you are asked if this is necessary at all. Everyone is different from "mob", but nobody is completely alone. In addition to accepting the character of our small child, we can help him carefully in making contact. You will be more proficient in social behavior even if you are watching them from a distance. Our presence gives him security, but let's put him in the backyard to let him choose if he is born or if he loses the game.
The parent serves as a model: if we are friendly and interested in others, this is a good example for a child to be good with others. In addition to friends and acquaintances, it is also important that our family relationships are formed: if I am happy to be with grandparents, cousins, then there is a good chance that this will be our child after company.
We can only make things worse if we encourage, urge, and scold him for anything else. Our small child may have grown up too much in his or her family, so much more than he or she once was. Let's give him the chance to try the game with his peers. Each child is reminded that his or her peers are beginning to inquire about when this time comes, a question of personality, habitus. It is not worth trying to push the kid, pay attention to his or her own abilities, but create situations for him / her to make friends, to get to know each other.
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