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Depressed mothers with babies are more stressful

Depressed mothers with babies are more stressful

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With more stress hormones, babies whose mothers were depressed during months of being pregnant, according to research led by the University of Michigan, are born in the body.

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play "And this can have an impact on life," said dr. Delia M. Vazquez, pediatrician and psychiatrist, head of research. "For one thing, as these babies grow up, they will be more exposed to the effects of stress, be more sensitive to stressful situations, and be more responsive to those situations."
The research looked at the relationships that have occurred between maternal depression and the neuroendocrine system of the fetus. The study observed the stress reactions of two-week-old babies and found that children of depressed mothers responded more quickly and more strongly to certain (non-stressed) effects, such as a sharp voice or a light effect, In addition, blood from the neonatal cord was analyzed.

Depressed moms with babies are more stressful

"These findings are only part of a larger entity that may indicate a risk factor for women who are pregnant," said another researcher, Dr. Shelia Marcus. "By analyzing the exams, we will be able to better distinguish between women who need more attention during their pregnancy and those who will have to deal with more after childbirth."
The study was published in Infant Behavior and Development.
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