The II. Department of Pediatric Medicine, Department of Hematology

The II. Department of Pediatric Medicine, Department of Hematology

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More than 400 million forints from university and foundation funds came to life in II. No. Pediatric Clinic Hemato-Oncology Department, which is the highest level of progressivity in Hungary in its area.

In addition to the 51 bed units, patient safety was further enhanced, including the installation of a special medical system, and the addition of a patient monitoring system to separate rooms. Patient safety has been further strengthened in several respects (photo: Attila Kovács - University of Semmelweis) In the classroom There is a total of 51 bets Patients Eighty Monthly with 120 Newly Introduced Leukemia and Cancer Children Every Year - Detail Dr. Merkely Béla, Rector.The specialists with great experience and high scientific degree who work here carry out numerous activities and participate in significant research. As a result, 80 percent of children with cancer are now cured - emphasized by Dr. Béla Merkely. Semmelweis University is the leading provider of pediatric healing in the world - Dr. Ildikou Horvath, Secretary of State for Health, Ministry of Human Resources. The development was formulated in the name of patient safety, and the Secretary of State emphasized in this regard that a group of patients has received a higher level of safety especially exposed to infections.Schanda Tamбs, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology, put it this way: the child is the key to our future, and thus to our nation. That is why it is extremely important that in the jubilee year of the university we can provide a developer who will increase the standard of child care in Hungary and increase safety, he said. No. Pediatric Clinic also has significant scientific research and innovation, primarily in the fields of molecular genetics, cancer research, pediatric oncology and hematology. The performance of the university is an excellent basis for accelerating its development further, based on the Semmelweis' history and background, and with the support of the government, it is a complex and comprehensive strategic development, the Semmelweis XXI. "In the framework of the Development Project, we will further raise my university to the standards of the 21st century," the Deputy Minister said.Dr. Károly Szabsz, the Chancellor of Semmelweis University reported that during the past period the work of the community was successful in the II. No. Pediatric Clinic is completely up to date. He reminded me that the development first came to an end in early 2018, from a $ 197 million petition source, and soon a total of $ 220 million in appeals, too.Bbcskai Jbnos, the mayor of the clinic, Ferencváros, said in a speech that the university's institutes would be home in the district, and that Ferencváros could be home to the cure.Dr. Govbor Kovacs, the clinic director, the event host, said: a more than 400 million forints from university and foundation funds reopened in Hemato-Oncology Department, patient safety has been strengthened on many fronts. A special ventilation system was installed, the patient rooms were equipped with a patient monitoring system, shutter gates were installed and a sterile plumbing system was installed in the department. During the renovation, the environment surrounding the small patients was Shit Angelika to the chief of the department, Dr. Tуthné Kуnya Cornelia to the Administrative Director, Judit Aranyosi to the previous clinician's chief haircut, more Klebikné Bуka Edit epidemiolуgusnak. He also highlighted the four foundations that support the upbringing, the Tыzoltу Street Clinic for Children and the Together Children's Cancer Foundation, and the Children's Leukemia Foundation.


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