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Good-looking kids are the geniuses of the future

Good-looking kids are the geniuses of the future

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The development of the skills of thousands of twin couples has been studied over the age of the researchers.

According to independent British newspaper reports, the TEDS (Twins Early Development Study) study found the skills of 7750 twin pairs at King's College, London. The results show that those who were able to draw a person more accurately at the age of 4 had a slightly higher chance of completing an intelligence test at the age of 14. to ask their children to draw a person they know. The artwork was interpreted on a scale of 0 to 12 by examining how accurate the drawing was and whether it depicted every possible body part, such as the arm, foot, head, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hair. For example, if a child drew a figure that has all its limbs but no facial features, it scored 4 points.

Good-looking kids are the geniuses of the future

"The correlation is not too tight, so while the results are interesting, parents with a child who does not have an upcoming painting need not worry," said Dr. Rosalind Arden, research director. "Drawing art is not the only factor that influences intelligence, there are a number of factors to consider, including genetic and environmental factors that shape intelligence later in life."
The researchers also looked at what kind of genes were used to shape the drawing. To this end, identical twin and twin twins were studied. The former showed much greater similarity between the childhood drawings, suggesting a genetic link.
"This does not mean that there is a" drawing "gen," Dr. Arden emphasized. "A child's drawing skill is made up of more than his observational ability or how he holds his pencil. For now, however, we are still far from understanding how a toy like this works."
The research material is a Psychological Science cнmы appeared in the journal.


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