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A safe, restful night with your baby? It stops you too!

Did you know that having a good sleep environment can greatly affect your baby's sleep and, at the same time, your sleep? Where and how is it worth sleeping to keep everyone comfortable?

Sleep well is important for the baby and for the mother

When you are out of bed, March breaks down into parenting, whether it is worth having a night out with a parent and whether it is worthwhile to embark on a debate. No matter where you choose to go, whatever comes first, baby safety is always the first.

Are you alone or alone?

There is no easy answer to the request, as there are many good and high-quality solutions. Many families are expecting a baby with a room and a baby. The you are born together however, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommendation, at least in the first half of the year. Not only is this a safer solution for your baby, but it is also easier for you, because in such a position and position, it is easier to perform night-time tasks around your baby. If you choose to sleep in a room, you have more options. You can place the baby farther from you, but you can babaцbцlkйnt you can also snuggle or sleep in a bed. If you want to breastfeed (long) as an example, this is the best solution for you, as the the success of breastfeeding is also greatly influenced by the proximity of the night. The closer you get to your baby, the smaller wakes you can make it to bed at night when you wake up.

Safety is the key!

There are those who choose the outside room and choose the sleep

If the baby is sleeping outside in the bed, look out for these:
  • She was in the crib the mattress should not be too soft, never more than two centimeters deeper. It's worth it Make the mattress breathable!
  • Hairy, furry, fluffy blankets should not be placed directly under the small ones, as the inhalation of hairy, tiny hairs is dangerous for them.
  • Don't be small beside the little ones, rags, favorites!
  • Sleep in clean air, both in your room and in the living room smoking should be avoided!
  • You can't turn your stomach on your own, hбton alta!
  • From the point of view of the safety of your baby, it is a good idea that you also hear your noises Day and night, even when you are sleeping, because it regulates your life function. The baby skin can also be set to transfer sounds to the baby, not just to signal the baby to you.
  • Do not be too hot or cold in the room: 21-22 degrees for sleeping and 50% ideal humidity.
  • THE the baby does not need a cushion, don't put your head down!
If you sleep in a bed, these are the most important rules to add to the above:
  • Solitary parents (alcohol, drugs) should not be bothered by any pathological suffering, but co-sleeping is not recommended even if you are sleeping.
  • Don't move it a bit, don't wear it, avoid wearing a light suit!
  • Even in this case, the lying surface should not be soft, soft, foamy!
  • Don't have extra cushions, heavy duvets, pleats next to you!
  • Do not have cords or strings on the floor!
  • Insert the slits around the bed, "as pathetically" as possible, to prevent the baby from being trapped there.
  • Cover the little one, but not the head!
  • Breastfeed again, though, if you are close to your body, you will not wake up yourself, suckling or waking up and looking for your breast.

And the extras: the role of the evening routine

Research has proven that once you have a safe sleep scene that fits your whole family, it also plays an important role in how small, what color you get at the end of the day, comes to mind. A sleep call by a researcher at JOHNSON'S Baby, Dr. Jodi A Mindell During his PhD three - week examination, for example, he showed that evening with baths, massage and quiet activities it has a good effect on shortening the length of sleep, and can be attributed to less waking up and more time spent sleeping.

If your baby sleeps better, Mom is more comfortable

The above-mentioned examination not only monitored the sleep of the babies, but also paralleled the attitude and condition of the mothers. In addition to the positive results, of course, they also had the benefit of longer sleeps, with fewer wakefulness: mothers were more energetic and relaxed. Sleep nights are easier to manage, evening and night activities seem to be less tiring and less energy-intensive. Need more? Obviously, this is not the key to happiness, but as long as the little ones' nervous system matures for the night's sleep, these cool tools that make you feel even longer will remain.That's why you're worth it ...
Nocturnal care, waking up a waking baby, soothing and soothing are often nerve-wracking and fatiguing, but you also need to know that this is just as much for children as it is for difficult times. John Bowlby, a British psychiatrist and psychologist, was a dedicated researcher in developmental psychology: they studied children in two groups, one working night shifts with their little mothers, At night they slept with us. The experiment showed that this latter group had more children who could be safely locked in, and the expert pointed out that it would take a long time for your child to take care of the separate article.This article was supported by Johnson & Johnson.Literature used:
  • A Nightly Bedtime Routine: Impact on Sleep in Young Children and Maternal Mood - Jodi A. Mindell, PhD; Lorena S. Telofski, BA; Benjamin Wiegand, PhD; Ellen S. Kurtz, PhD; SLEEP, Vol 32, No. 5, 2009